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Smell the Roses

By Carol Alt / Post / August 23, 2017

In this day and age where you can see what everybody has and everything is flaunted on the internet, social media brings you right into the lives of the rich and famous and you know what they have and what you’re lacking. Everything is posted. Sometimes, we tend to push ourselves to the limit to try to get those things which just seem to be on the tip of our fingertips but stay just out of reach- I mean after all, even minor celebrities have it! The problem is, though, that we could be pushing ourselves towards an unattainable dream.

Many times things look better when you’re looking over the fence at them. When you actually enter the yard there are bugs, moss and spiders and water damage; close up it just doesn’t look as good. What I mean to say is this. On the internet every thing looks amazing, so beautiful, so glossy, like so much fun. That is not always the case. Take me for example. I walk the red carpet in designer clothes, but you know what it takes to get there?

First, you have to be invited. They also don’t just invite anybody. They pick certain people for certain events. They pick relevant people. There’s one sure way to know that you’re not relevant anymore in your business, and that’s not to be invited to the CFDA’s or the Met. Already, every day you’re striving to remain relevant.

Now that you’re invited to the event, you reach out to designers for clothes. The designers decide IF they want to dress you. Believe me, some designers don’t want to dress some girls, or they just want to dress up a particular kind of girl. Sometimes they just want to dress an A-Lister– nothing like being turned down for a designer gown. Usually that’s one way to know that you’re not relevant or you don’t look good. Once you have your fabulous gown, and thank God I’ve never lacked for that, then you have to get hair and makeup, a car, jewelry, shoes, a bag and if it’s winter, a coat. This is usually the job of a stylist.

Of course all that cost money. All for 20 seconds on the carpet.


I know this sounds like I’m complaining, and believe me, I’m not. It’s an integral part of my business to be on red carpets, but I want to put it all in perspective. I have my team of people and I try to choose wisely which carpets to walk! Frankly you could be out, as Andy Warhol said, at the opening of an envelope. But you don’t want that image either. So, in essence every choice you make is a make or break in a career. This is stressful and necessary.

I know many people ask me how big my wardrobe is; they think I’ve got a gigantic wardrobe which I don’t. I mean seriously? What would I do with tons and tons of outdated, already used on the carpet clothing? Sell it on The Real Real? LOL Most of the time I send it back to the designer after I wear it. This keeps a good relationship between me and the designer. They need their samples. I only keep things if the designer offers it, I like it and offer to buy it, or it is a classic which I can wear over and over.

I buy or receive some pieces each season to update the wardrobe, I’m not extravagant. I just have the ability to look extravagant. That brings me right back to what I started talking about in this blog, that you are the slave everything you own…

When it comes to celebrities, things are not what they seem. They’re just an image. So stop stressing to be something you’re not. Sometimes you have to take a break and stop at smell the roses. It’s not that the dream is just out of reach just past your fingertips, it’s just that it’s just that- it’s a dream and it disappears just when you think you have it in hand.

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