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Side Dishes- An Epilogue

By Carol Alt / Post / November 15, 2017

The number of blogs in this series kept growing! I had to limit it somehow or I could be writing about this for the rest of my life. I want you to know that I do or have done every single one of these protocols that I have written to you about. I would never tell you about a protocol if I didn’t believe there to be a benefit or if I didn’t believe I got a benefit from it. I have been dealing with my issues for almost 30 years. And I can’t tell you how many times I’ve walked into a doctor’s office when they told me I should’ve been dead 29 years ago….

The thing is, nobody can tell you when you’re going to die; and I don’t like doctors who put that thought into my head. As we discussed in blog #9 thoughts are very powerful! As I mentioned in my very first blog, I could die tomorrow by stepping off the curb and getting hit by a bus. Short of that, the rest is my responsibility as it is yours to keep yourself healthy.

Doctors are salesmen. It’s like going to eat lunch counter and having the waitress tell you what kind of pies they offer. We are responsible for the things we choose and the results we get from that. To say that I have worked at my health would be an understatement, to say I’ve lost work at times when it was very important for me to work; well that would be a gross injustice to how much I have sacrificed to do alternative protocols. I did it because I see the benefits daily. When you just do allopathic medicine, you may be missing some alternative protocols that together with allopathic protocols can give better benefits. This “integrative” approach is utilizing the best of both worlds!

Add to that just a few “side-dishes” that are worth mentioning- some of these probably should’ve been a blog onto them self, like the dangers of EMFs, for example. Some of these will just make your quality of life better as well as to help you to mentally or physically boost your integrative approach! But all of these are worth mentioning. I’d be remiss to not put these thoughts into your mind so that you can do further research!

Skin brushing and soaking in a tub of baking soda and sea salt is fantastic. Soak in hot water with one cup baking soda and 1 cup sea salt for half an hour, then rinse in the shower. You should also skin brush before you soak! Do the brushing on dry skin with a natural bristle brush, brushing from your finger and toes in towards your core. Not only will this mixture neutralize a very acidic body, but relaxing in a hot tub can help destress you! It’s “me” time!

Sleep! Can’t emphasize enough the importance of sleep. Sleep helps lessen stress, joint pain and depression-to name a few things sleep helps alleviate! Your body regenerates while you’re sleeping; it also rebuilds and heals. Sleep is very important!

Hydrogen peroxide is also worth mentioning, though the jury is out on hydrogen peroxide therapy. All I know is that I now have 95% oxygen in my blood and I have been doing it for the past eight months. Your oxygen levels drop when you sit as well, another reason sitting isn’t so good for you! I thought I would mention it pH therapy, because sometimes you just need to know protocols that are out there! I mean, what if your blood is not carrying oxygen? I think you would need to know what steps you can take to help alleviate that issue. Food-grade hydrogen peroxide, however, as a “supplement” is only beneficial if you’re eating raw foods and supplementing with alkaline minerals. The reason I say this is because if you are too acidic (as we spoke about in blogs 2, 3 & 4), then your acid blood will not carry oxygen anyway- no matter how much you try to jam it into your system. If the train isn’t running, passengers don’t get anywhere. And I know you understand the metaphor, but just in case, what I mean is if your blood isn’t carrying oxygen, the oxygen isn’t going to get to cells where it’s needed. The purpose of doing a hydrogen peroxide protocol is to “up” the amount of oxygen in your blood being brought to your cells. Oxygen is not only necessary in cell metabolism, but oxygen rich blood increases your energy. If your blood is acidic and unable to carry oxygen, then it doesn’t matter what protocol you do, you won’t get any benefit.

Baking soda and water: another way to quickly alkaline the body is to take baking soda mix it with water and drink it.

Spiritual: Dr. Gonzalez was very big on the spiritual aspect of being ill. I think it was because believing in something bigger than you, and focusing on bringing that good into your life and the life of those around you, helps to lessen the focus on yourself and increase a peaceful feeling. People who are spiritual may get a boost to their immune system, decrease in their blood pressure, are more peaceful, and stress less. I think you’re now beginning to see how insidious stress is- not just because of hormones or stress like I’ve written about in previous blogs, but because stress overall just eats away at quality of life.

Mol: it is somewhat sketchy the connection between mold and cancer – but I think anything that attacks the immune system stresses the body ABSOLUTELY can be a possible trigger. Even if the jury is out – I am not. Get your home checked for any mold; and maybe check your office as well. Check out this link and this link for more.

EMF: my friends think I’m crazy because I sleep under a tent! It looks like a mosquito tent – and it is kind of romantic – but still it’s a tent nonetheless. However my tent does more than battle mosquitoes, I mean it does that too but mainly my tent battles EMFs, or electromagnetic frequencies. Don’t believe me? Well here’s why I did this. One day I was sitting on my bed and my phone was on. Suddenly, as phones are apt to do, it lit up. It was telling me that there were 30 wireless receivers within the vicinity of my bed that were strong enough for me to log onto. 30! By my bed. Where I slept. Where I relaxed. I was being attacked! That was enough to make me shield myself! Why? Because I knew about electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) because Dr. Gonzalez had told me about a patient that had terrible cancer and when Dr. Gonzalez was trying to figure out not just the physical, but environmental causes of her illness, she happen to mention “the dust” Dr. Gonzalez asked her, “What dust? Why was there dust?” She told him that there was dust in the air around her house- was that a cause? He asked again, “WHY is there so much dust?” She said because of the EMF tower, as they were cleaning it. Dr. Gonzalez told her to immediately move. Can you imagine? Move? But move she did, and her cancer went away. For me that’s a direct causal link. I don’t need any more info than that! By the way, once my tent went up, I slept like a baby! And we all know how important sleep is in healing!

Up the cruciferous vegetables-they are highly alkaline.

Smile/laugh a minute of laughter stimulates the immune system! I know that some of these blogs are long – but I just want to give you lots of things to think about. Things that will help you in your life; things that will help you if you’re sick. My friend Michael gave me the most awesome mental exercise to do, and he called it “homework.” He asked me for a happy memory from my childhood. Right in the moment, I couldn’t think of ONE happy memory. He said, “Come on, give me a belly laugh moment that you had as a kid.” I went blank. When I couldn’t remember he told me to go home and think about all the fun times I’ve had and up with a real belly laugh moment from childhood- that “homework” in itself made me happy. But when I found a new belly laugh moment each day, it was not just awesome, it was a useful tool. I would remember that moment every time I was about to walk into a room. It changed my face. And it changed how people dealt with me and that changed how I felt. So smile. It reduces stress and it makes you feel better!

Balance: it’s very important to have balance in your life. The problem is most people don’t know what it is they are balancing. The body needs to be balanced acid/alkaline to be pH neutral. But at the same time you mentally need a break sometimes from worrying about whether or not you’re doing the right thing for the body. Sometimes you just need to do something bad if you’re doing good things 80 to 95% of the time. But if you’re going to do something bad you need to know how to counteract it! In other words if you going to occasional eat cooked food- eat digestive enzymes. I love when people say to me, “I eat in moderation” or “I smoke only when I drink.” Or, “I drink in moderation. Good things should be done in moderation because you should do lots of different good stuff; mixing it all up. But doing bad things, even in moderation, is just bad. The example I like to give is Socrates’ death sentence: one drop of hemlock. Well, under any other circumstance one drop of anything might not do anything, but when it is something bad, it can certainly be a killer.

Saunas: sauna promotes death of weaker cells; cancer cells can’t dissipate heat; it promotes the killing off of bacteria viruses and fungus and cells laden with radioactivity and it promotes the killing off of any kind of damaged or weaker cells.

Care about something outside yourself- if you stop thinking about yourself (as we spoke above about spirituality) and if you have to take care of someone/something else, it gets your mind off your troubles. Especially if you’re doing a lot of protocols. Sometimes a mental break from thinking about protocols is miraculous. Becoming a hermit or hiding because you’re not well is not good. I, for example, adopted two cats – not only do I feel the peace I have that I saved their lives because they were rescues-they pay me in spades every day because they allow me to play, laugh, and love.

Watch what you put on your skin. Your skin protects you from the world, but it still has to let in certain things like air, etc. When you cover yourself with chemicals, your skin absorbs it- you more or less eat it. Imagine that every time you shower and prep with skin care….

Silver -we spoke about silver in terms of detoxing, but it heals epithelial cells (skin), it harms cancer cells, and it is all around fantastic. Take one or 2 tablespoons active silver hydrosol with same amount of pure aloe three times daily for 1-2 weeks for pre/pro biotic nightly. Robert Scott Bell goes into more detail on his site.

Eat fats! I know this is counter-intuitive. But vegetable fats are the most perfect food. Raw veggie fats are even better. Eat them in form of Avocados, Udo’s choice oils, cold pressed olive oil, virgin spun coconut oil, MCT oil, cacao butter, nuts esp macadamia and pecans, seeds, DHA (If you do an Udo’s oil, you will get lots of seed oils plus they have a DHA version), raw animal fats as well: raw butter, and raw fish (eating the smaller fish are better- anchovies, sardines, roe, mackerel, salmon) are all fantastic.

Wishing you all the best in your search for health and wellness.

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