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Shelter Chic

By Carol Alt / Post / March 8, 2017

Come to the event listed in the photo! Read on, and I’ll tell you why.


Two years ago I adopted my little rescue kitty from North Shore Animal Shelter. His name is Sammy. As the days unfolded, Sammy got a little bored. I would go out and I would come in, but Sammy sat all alone. One day I got a call from a neighbor who said that her cousin runs a shelter- called “Shelter Chic.”

Shelter Chic had a little black kitty who had been there for five months. The reason they were reaching out to me is because they knew I liked black cats, hence Sammy. I was sent a picture a little kitty, now my little kitty who is named Joey. You could see she was brutalized by someone as her eye was distorted. Sammy has a little friend and Joey has a forever home! Goodness all around. The more I got to know Britney, the owner of Shelter Chic, the more I wanted to help her and get involved.

Britney is one of those once-in-a-lifetime people. Totally, completely, and absolutely selfless. She lives to help others.

Her main job is working with disabled children. Her sideline is finding animals in great distress and saving their lives. She pulls animals that are on death row in the New York City pound; she finds kittens in shopping malls; she finds family animals who have become sick and whose owners can’t take care of them anymore so they dump them in favor of a new little puppy or kitten. She adopts them and helps them. She has a deal with a veterinary service who helps her with her more injured cats or dogs.

However, this is still extremely costly. But she manages, as many animals as she can, and as many as her funds will allow. She also fosters out those animals until she can get them adopted. In case you’re interested, her adoption rate is 100%. I really had not known anybody like Britney. In the self-centered life of fashionistas, Britney stands out as an example to us all. As in awe of her commitment as I am, and as in the know about how necessary people like Britney are- I could not do what she does.

Listening to her stories makes me cry. Any animals she saves and ultimately loses because they are too injured or to hurt makes her cry. But she gets up each and every morning and does it all over again. It takes a strong woman to do this. It would be great if she had some strong backing.

To show Britney that she is not alone please donate! Even a dollar helps.

Carol Alt

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