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Regarding What Was Written Of Me

By Carol Alt / Post / September 13, 2016

Both the NY Post and the Daily Mail UK published very negative, twisted articles about my thoughts on the younger generation of models. I did, in fact, say that some of them had an advantage with certain doors being opened for them by being in the public eye before they’d even started modeling, but I never said this out of anger, or jealousy, or in a complaining way. It was simply a reflection on how the industry has changed–myself and many other models of my generation were virtual unknowns when we started our careers–and that is all I meant.

I did say that when the door opens, they still have to keep it open. When a door opens for us, good work ethic and talent is what keeps that door open. But this applies to pretty much everyone! It was a comment about success not being an accident, that’s all!

I was blessed with a very successful modeling career–one that dreams are made of. For this I am grateful. I don’t like how the media is spinning my comments to create bad feelings between people for entertainment, and a ‘mean girl’ atmosphere. It’s just not who I am. I wish nothing but the best for Kendall, Gigi, and the other models.

Carol Alt

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