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“Raw”ck Away the Pounds

By Carol Alt / Post / June 20, 2016

If it’s not sugar, it’s salt. If it’s not salt, it’s fat. If it’s not fat, it’s sugar. And if it’s not sugar…

Well, you get the idea.

I need to warn you all. Labeling laws in this country are ridiculous. They’re inaccurate, and oftentimes blatantly misleading. When something is sold as “fat free,” one would think that’s it’s slimming. Less fat means healthy right? Wrong. In order to be as delicious as fatty foods (fat makes flavor, you know), fat-free usually substitutes with a huge amount of sugar. Following that odd logic, sugar free products often have more fat to make up for the flavor deficit!

I read an article wherein a journalist said she though she’d lose weight by eating gluten free. She gained weight. Why? Gluten free isn’t fat free, and they don’t sell gluten free products to help you lose weight. Hell, a lot of gluten free stuff often has loads of sugar and fat! And I’m not trying to bash on gluten free, Celiac disease is a horrible thing. Some people truly are sensitive to the wheat protein.

All this means is that it’s important for you to understand what’s going into your body, and not just trust the label. There are no “foods that make you lose weight.” Raw food can help, but then again, raw food often suffers from labeling issues as well. “Raw” must mean that each and every ingredient is raw. Flour is generally cooked and ground, sugar can’t be bleached and processed.. It’s a big step up from a cooked diet. Flour, instead of baking, has to be sprouted, dehydrated, and powdered. Flax, almond, and buckwheat are all good for this. They taste pretty excellent, and they’re also metabolized differently in the body, assisting with the weight loss.

So if you’re looking for healthy eating, raw tasty treats are your best bet! Don’t let the conventional, cooked products define you.

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