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Protruding Belly?

By Carol Alt / Post / August 30, 2017

I have a fantastic housekeeper who comes once a week for a couple of hours to help me clean up after the cats. Who knew cats could be so pampered? Lol, in any case, I was trying to figure out what to write about today and I looked to my maid for help! I asked her to think of some health issues that she or her daughter might have that would be interesting for me to write about for all of you.

She said, “No, no. I can’t really think of anything,” and after a moment “I’d like to lose weight!” She then pointed to her belly. It dawned on me that sometimes I write about health protocols in my blogs but I don’t always make the connection to practical applications in daily life- you know, where it would impact a normal person. For example, I constantly talk about probiotics. I talk about how probiotics can digest food and break down food in the small intestine. If you don’t have enough probiotics– which can be killed by coffee, alcohol, and medicines to name a few things– then your food might not be properly digested. This could lead up to food being impacted in your colon. Just think about that. Do you have a protruding tummy?

How much better do you think your tummy could feel and look if you could clean out your colon and deflate it, or help digest food so it’s moving along through the digestive system? It’s awesome to think about the results. Many times we talk about roughage. Roughage, i.e. raw food, is a great prebiotic that feeds the bacteria, or probiotics, in your small intestine. Those probiotics then turn around and help digest the food in your intestine. Without them, how does that food get digested? It really kind of doesn’t. It just sits there. Some gets moved out but some get stuck. Because don’t forget your colons are not smooth walls, there’s cracks in crevices and the food gets caught in there where it can’t digest and it just sits.

This brings me to my second idea in helping to reduce a protruding tummy (and I don’t click me off here), the coffee enema. I know we have talked about coffee enemas and the health of the liver. How about just cleaning the junk out of the intestines that you haven’t fully digested and is just sitting there? Sometimes our bellies protrude because food is impacted in the colon. It’s got nowhere to go because it’s not being properly digested. And again why, it’s not being totally digested brings me back to the above issue of not enough probiotics. So yes, coffee enemas can help clean the liver, but they also can help clean out the colon. Maybe with a coffee enema, you could kill two birds with one stone? Maybe even killing THREE birds with one stone as a coffee enema, cleaning junk out of your intestine, could help pick up your energy.

Sheds new light on enemas and probiotics doesn’t it?

So here it is. Want to lose weight? Want to reduce a protruding belly? How about probiotics. How about maybe an enema?

*I always suggest you speak to your doctor about any changes to your health regime.

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