Carol Alt
15 November
‘A Healthy You’ with Carol Alt- Epis...
By Carol Alt / Post / November 15, 2014
Segment 1: Inside the dangers of aspartame with Dr. Joseph Mercola Aspartame is the technical name for NutriSweet and Equal.  It is a chemical product commonly found in sugar-free products and fat-free yogurt.  It can also, however, be found in chewing gum, vitamins and sugar-free cough drops. Dr....Read More
14 November
Guest Post by Dr Mercola: Artificial Swe...
By Carol Alt / Post / November 14, 2014
By Dr. Mercola If you still believe sweeteners like Equal and NutraSweet are safe, you’ll want to pay very close attention to this special report. You’re probably aware of the dangers of consuming too much sugar and that sugar is not healthy for you. You might have been led to believe that arti...Read More
14 November
6 Tips to Avoid Overeating– Guest Post...
By Carol Alt / Post /
We all have those moments—especially during the ever-so-busy holiday season—when we overindulge. We don’t mean to do it, but sometimes the  temptations are just too great. Maybe, at those never-ending holiday dinners, we clean our plate (or plates) or say yes to that second piece of to-die-fo...Read More
14 November
Carol Alt’s Stocking Giveaway! Enter t...
By Carol Alt / Post /
- Jade Yoga Mat – Carol’s Books: Carol Alt Eating in the Raw, Raw 50, Easy Sexy Raw – Carol’s favorite Snacks- GoRaw Super Cookies  – A full line of Raw Essentials Beauty Products!...Read More
14 November
Attention all men out there! Guest post ...
By Carol Alt / Post /
Are you experiencing fatigue, insomnia, low libido, anxiety and lack of motivation?  Do you have a ‘beer belly’, man boobs, or erectile dysfunction?  Have you seen your doctor to get your testosterone levels checked?  Well do it! Low testosterone  (low T) in men can be an ominous sign for me...Read More
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