Carol Alt
01 November
The Catch-22 of Hormones and Stress...
By Carol Alt / Post / November 1, 2017
Hormones are the most insidious cause of disease; and I say insidious because many times they’re the result of stress. In my life, I’ve learned that everyone who has stress believes the same thing. Everybody who is stressed believes they’re handling it. From my sister to myself, we both be...Read More
30 October
My Thoughts About Recent Events...
By Carol Alt / Post / October 30, 2017
The other day I was doing an interview about my Cat Perkins shoe line and the interview veered off into a political hot potato question. “What are your feelings about the recent sexual scandals?” First of all, I have to say in business I’ve never really been sexually abused. If I’m going to ...Read More
25 October
Something’s Too Fishy...
By Carol Alt / Post / October 25, 2017
I love fish! If I don’t eat fish, I feel lethargic, and depressed. Is this psychosomatic or real? I don’t really know. As I got deeper into working with Dr. Gonzalez one of the horrible protocols I had to do was to cut down on fish and meat- otherwise known as animal proteins. This was &...Read More
23 October
Eat Dirt and LIVE!...
By Carol Alt / Post / October 23, 2017
I personally don’t believe the only road to healing is chemical. That said… “We have a disease management crisis in America- not a health care crisis. Healing doesn’t involve permission.” -Robert Scott Bell Germs are not the cause of disease. They are the result of disease. You...Read More
18 October
Detox or Suffer the Pox...
By Carol Alt / Post / October 18, 2017
“You can’t absorb things thru a cesspool.” -Robert Scott Bell. When I decided to try detoxing, I was told that I was going to feel like I had the flu; I was told I would feel rundown and achy and a bit feverish but that it would pass in a couple of days. Nothing could … Read More
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