Carol Alt
05 February
By Carol Alt / Post / February 5, 2018
A federal court just unsealed a document in a mass litigation lawsuit which raised new questions about Monsanto’s product, Roundup, and and the controversy surrounding its safety. The close relationship between Monsanto exes and the former EPA director Jess Rowland is definitely suspicious, an...Read More
31 January
Take This Little Water Test!...
By Carol Alt / Post / January 31, 2018
We’ve written a lot about water in my blogs, and especially about how it can really turn around some health issues. Using an Echo Water (alkaline water filter) can help alleviate headaches, aches and pains, and many other ailments. I told you how I read in Reverse Aging by Sang Whang how it ta...Read More
29 January
The Dumb and the Reckless?...
By admin / Post / January 29, 2018
So I was watching my favorite morning show the other day, CBS This Morning (second to The Today Show and Good Morning America of course, gotta be politically correct). I’ve got to take this moment to say hello to Charlie! I was on his show about a year and half ago. And he’s awesome. I&#...Read More
24 January
The Power of the Internet...
By Carol Alt / Post / January 24, 2018
I was sitting having a coffee the other day with a friend of mine and the owner of the coffee shop walked by. We started chatting because he was from Italy, and of course I would use any chance I can get to practice my Italian. During the course of the conversation he looked down … Read More
22 January
Going Green...
By Carol Alt / Post / January 22, 2018
I just revisited great book called Living Green by Greg Horn. I went to see Greg in his office once when I was creating my skin care line- he gave me some great advice! I knew he was a big advocate for green living, sustainable commodities, and organic products that work. I thought it was … <...Read More
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