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Organic Food

By Carol Alt / Post / February 10, 2016

I received the following question in my Twitter account from Senio in Italy:

@ModelCarolAlt Ciao Carol!! :) What do you think of agriculture and organic food generally? I would be interested in your comment! THX! :)

I thought that this would be an interesting question to respond to on my blog.


I do try to eat organic food whenever possible. However, when I buy organic, I curse every time I have to reach for the more expensive fruit. At the same time, I’m grateful to have that option.

Here’s what I like about organic food:

First, supposedly organic food is exposed to less chemicals than conventionally grown food. This, of course, does not mean they don’t wash it in petroleum wax to make it shiny, especially fruit. At least I FEEL like I’m doing something special for my health, and supposedly; I AM doing something special for my health since everyone says it has LESS chemicals. But, I would like a better price as well. (I can dream can’t I?)

Here’s what I dislike about Organic Food:

Not always is everybody in compliance. Many companies have been caught saying their food is organic when it never was to begin with. These are just the ones I have personally found false information about claiming organic. The problem is there are many more that haven’t been caught yet.

One argument these companies give for lying is that it is too expensive to wait the necessary “seven years” for the soil to be cleaned after conventional crops have been grown in the soil. Seven years is supposedly when the soil has finished its “cleansing” process. Also, they complain that they lose half of their crops, because of pests. I guess the organic chemicals they use are not strong enough to kill the bugs.

Also, since organic crops sell for more money, the extra money they get for being organic (and who doesn’t want to sell their product for more money even if they have to lie to do it) helps keep their farms going. But lying is still lying, and I do not want to pay more for food if it’s not giving me the desired health benefit.

Furthermore, they’re often not distinguishing between Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) and God-made organisms (funny that they both have the same acronym “GMO”!), and that really disturbs me. As with most things in my life, I want the choice. If I choose wrong, at least I know it was my choice and not because I was duped.

Finally, and this is the crazy thing (as if all the above isn’t crazy enough!), organic doesn’t mean there are NO chemicals; it just means it’s only using the recommended or “approved” chemicals. I don’t know who decides which chemicals are OK. I mean, WHO? What is their interest in listing chemicals as organic-friendly? I don’t know who makes the guidelines on which chemicals the body is able to handle in excess, but somebody knows. If you comply with their recommended chemicals, it’s supposedly organic.

I know this is a lot of “if’s.” The other question that comes to my mind is: are these chemical companies LOBBYING the government (or that elected person) with incentives to put their chemicals on the list of approved substances to use and call organic, even if in reality they’re not actually OK?

The government makes it really hard to trust anybody. But, given the choice between organic and not organic, I would choose organic every time. Maybe sometimes the mental relaxation aspect is good for my health as I always feel better trying to be healthy. Can’t put a price on THAT can ya?

I’m waiting for the “Beyond Organic” label! (As if that will ever happen! No one makes money if they don’t use chemicals.) Sometimes I wonder, and I’ve been saying this for years, ever since Columbine, I wonder if all these chemicals in our food are the cause for the mental disintegration of our society.

But I guess that’s fodder for another blog.

Please tell me what you think about organic by messaging me on Twitter: @modelCarolAlt

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