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Optimal Health- As Close As Your Sauna?

By Carol Alt / Post / September 11, 2017

Recently I had the great fortune to go to The Truth About Cancer Conference in Dallas which was run by Ty and his wife Charlene Bollinger. It inspired me to write the last 17 blogs about how I was able to change my health for the better and to turn around a serious health issue. If you miss those blogs, please go back and view them. In any case, I sat in on a seminar by Dr. Irvin Sahni who spoke about a health tool very common in health clubs and spas- the sauna!

Because they’re just about everywhere, I think we lose sight of the importance of saunas on our health. There are several different kinds of saunas in the world. Scandanavian saunas from Finland, Sweden, Norway, and the like can run extremely hot, up as high as 160°F, while American saunas run significantly cooler. Traditional saunas are worked by pouring water over very hot rocks to create steam. Infrared saunas are becoming more and more popular, which helps the air stay cool while heating you from the inside.

I ride a bike in an infrared sauna. I do this because I sweat more quickly, I get hot faster, and because it’s infrared, the air is not hot so it doesn’t burn my lungs. It digs deeper into stored toxins in the body, and I believe I get a better result. Because the brain is so powerful, even believing something will help often doe

There are many ways to utilize a sauna, too! It’s good for relaxation. It’s good for social interaction, as you often join a group in a sauna. It can help you develop spiritually, and it can help you heal. In this post, we’re focused on the healing aspect.

The health benefits of saunas are universal, no matter the kind you’re using. A sauna raises the body temperature 1 to 4°F within the first 10 minutes of being in the sauna.

During this first 10 minutes (phase 1) of sauna therapy you can expect the following:

  • 1. Body temperature remains at basal level
  • 2. Inhibition of the sympathetic nervous system (which is the system that controls our reaction to stress and “fight or flight” responses)
  • 3. Reduced heat production
  • 4. Improved oxidation
  • 5. Dilation of peripheral vessels
  • 6. Decreased internal organ congestion
  • 7. Relaxing of the muscle and
  • 8. Increased flexibility of tendons and ligaments
  • The heat promotes death of weaker cells, so the following cells die in heat:

  • 1. Cancer cells
  • 2. Bacteria, fungi and parasites
  • 3. Cells infected with viruses
  • 4. Cells with damaged DNA
  • 5. Cells that have radioactive load
  • 6. Cells that are toxic
  • 7. Cells that have heavy metals
  • 8. Other defective cells
  • Saunas also increase the alkalinity of the system, and plays a part in normalizing the acid-alkaline balance. Why is this important? Well, alkalinity is determined by the balance of mineral. Toxins usually acidify the system by impairing circulation and allowing the accumulation of acid end-product. On top of all that, many bacteria and viruses secrete acid. Kill off the bacteria and viruses, you automatically lessen the acid load!

    Saunas also relieve internal congestion.

    Congestion of blood in vital organs decreases oxygenation and increases CO2 and other toxins. Normal cells thrive on oxygen, cancer cells thrive in high CO2, remember. Sympathetic nervous system inhibition paired with peripheral vasodilation increases blood that comes to the surface reducing internal organ congestion, and helps with detoxification. In other words, it’s a good thing for our bodies if our sympathetic nervous system (which is our fight or flight system and directs blood to the brain and muscles and away from other organs) relaxes and the other system, the parasympathetic nervous system (the “nourishing” side) becomes more stimulated. A sauna makes you relax, allowing blood to flow better to the surface, pulling toxins out of the system and pushing them out of the skin through sweat!

    So what can you expect if you are in a sauna, say for 10 to 30 minutes (Phase 2)?

  • 1. Body temperature rises abruptly causing weaker cells to die off
  • 2. Blood is shunted to the surface and the heart rate and sweating increase
  • 3. Pathogenic organisms are disabled
  • 4. Resolution of infiltrates and exudes
  • The longer you stay in a sauna, the more of the bad cells die off. The more you detox, the more your blood flows, the deeper the detoxification happens. Since I write about so many things that require a change of habit, or are difficult for people because they have to give up their favorite meal or daily snack, or disease generating habits, this is one very pleasurable, happy health tool that you can easily add to your health regime and get higher results.

    You’re welcome!

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