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One Minute Workout

By Carol Alt / Post / April 17, 2017

Kudos to Tony Greco. Kudos to A Healthy You on Fox News! This morning on CBS News they were doing the “9 Minute Workout.” This isn’t doing one thing for nine minutes, it’s doing nine things for one minute. It’s high intensity interval training, or “HIIT.”

Two years ago I invited Tony Greco to come on my show to do our version, with several one-minute exercises. It was the most popular segment we had on the show for exercise– we did belly dancing, we did Zumba, we even did yoga– but the most popular segment was the 1 Minute Workout. We called it this because you’d do each workout for one intense minute with 30 seconds off in between.

For me that’s enough to take a drink of tea in between! And that makes me very happy. I find at this age I need to do things during my workout that makes me happy. I work out one minute doing a burpee for example (and yes Gayle King, the burpee is an important part of the workout series as much as I know you hate them!), and then I go to the window to make sure my cats haven’t fallen off the ledge! LOL, no worries I’m on the first floor!

Then I do situps, and then I take a sip of tea. So, I begin to enjoy my workouts a little bit more. You can see the 9 Minute Workout on the New York Times website today under “Dr. Metzl’s 9 Minute Workout.” Head to Fox’s website and you can dig up Tony Greco doing it on my show! CBS this morning will have it on their website today only, as well.

Again, we talk about how exercise, especially for older people, helps prolong life. It helps cellular regeneration, thereby keeping you younger. Researchers at Penn State say older Americans who train twice a week lower their death rate by 46%! When I say strength train, I don’t mean you have to lift weights. You can lift water bottles for example, and with squats you can just lift your own body weight. Or in my case I hold onto my cat! LOL do I love my cats or what? I told you I do things to make myself happy while working out…

Don’t forget, working out helps to prevent heart disease, diabetes and some cancers. I don’t know about you, but I need all the help I can get to stay healthy. Make sure you do your squats (good for hips and knees), planks (which protects the spine), and Burpee’s (which strengthens the whole, total body).

Come on– you can work out for a minute at a time. The minute you start the minute you start feeling younger, getting healthy, and building your energy. Enjoy!

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