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Nicole Miller Fashion Week 2016

By Carol Alt / Post / February 22, 2016

There is no more deserving person on this planet to host a segment on Fashion Week than Nicole Miller (On Twitter @NicoleMillerNYC). She went into marvelous detail, showing us how to put together a fashion show with all the grace of a Greek marble statue.

Her Fashion Week 2016 show was a smash hit, and I wanted to make sure she got the attention she so clearly deserves. You’ve got to know a few things about Nicole. She’s one of the most gracious people I know, even under the pressure that Fashion Week creates. The thousands of people looking over every detail of her life’s work, and she somehow manages to give everyone attention and makes it look easy. If you think walking down the catwalk is stressful, watching your pieces parade up and down it, under harsh scrutiny, is another level entirely.  I mean, backstage at a show isn’t a walk in the park either. Even with hundreds of models, dressers, makeup artists, hair stylists, and celebrities like myself (would you expect me to be anywhere else?) roaming around, Nicole handles it like a champion.

No matter her fame, or the fame her newest line receives, Nicole has always been the same wonderful down-to-earth person I’ve come to appreciate. You might ask “But Carol, what’s the big deal? You run into plenty of nice people.”

The big deal is how she’s handled her massive fame. In the fashion industry, you become surrounded by your own work, your own appeal. If you get any attention at all- and God forbid you become “famous”- you tend to lose your head. I’ve seen it happen plenty of times. It happens because it’s so difficult to get there, and the time you devote to your passion can definitely skew how you see things.

In short, you start thinking you’re “all that”!

But Nicole has somehow kept it together. In all the years I’ve known her, in all the years that have passed, time only brings out more of Nicole in, well, Nicole. Her show was phenomenal, and I’ve posted the video below. I’m even heading to her showroom this week to add her pieces to my own personal wardrobe!

I sat next to Roshumba Williams (On Twitter @RoshumbaW), acclaimed international model and a close personal friend, at Nicole’s show- thank goodness. I lost my own footage I took, so Roshumba was kind enough to forward me hers! I’ve got to give credit where it’s due, of course. And I couldn’t help but notice across from me, sitting with all-star photographer Antoine Verglas, was Vikram. He’d stood me up for the amfARs, but that’s a whole ‘nother story! And yes, before you ask, supermodels DO get stood up! The only difference is we don’t usually care. Lol.

Anyway. Nicole’s show had such an easy elegance about it; she makes the whole thing look entirely too simple. I can’t imagine putting on two high fashion shows a year, pushing out a resort line, a ready-to-wear line. It can’t be easy being a designer. While some designers show the stress, Nicole has never once cracked. All of her designs are so feminine, so elegant, so easy to wear, all while staying fun! It really reflects her personality.

But I’ll go ahead and let her creations speak for themselves. Roll the video please!

The following picture is courtesy of Patrick McMullan (On Twitter @PatrickMcMullan) and it is left to right me, Roshumba, and Nicole miller at the Nicole Miller after party at Acme restaurant New York City.


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