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By Carol Alt / Post / March 20, 2017

A federal court just unsealed a document in a mass litigation lawsuit which raised new questions about Monsanto’s product, Roundup, and and the controversy surrounding its safety. The close relationship between Monsanto exes and the former EPA director Jess Rowland is definitely suspicious, and they responded by saying they worked together to suppress studies of the product’s main ingredient glyphosate.

In a leaked email, it was suggested “I doubt EPA and Jess can kill this but it’s good to know they’re going to actually make the effort.” In another email one executive suggested that Monsanto ghost writers created a positive report on glyphosate- and then put researchers’ names and give experts to back it up who would then just edit it and sign their names on it to sign and pass on. The biggest issues according to Pearl Robertson, the lead attorney in litigation lawsuits, is that Monsanto controls the science.

Going back to what I had said on my show on Fox News over and over and over again about Monsanto is that nobody is policing what they do. Not the EPA and not the FDA in terms of GMO’s; and even though Monsanto says that these allegations are false and that Monsanto scientists did not ghost-write the paper, nothing confirms this. To be clear, they keep making the point that no regulatory board in the world considers glyphosate to be a carcinogen. There is no opposing views or studies.

Monsanto writes the articles that they give to the EPA, they have control of the lab studies that is used for registration of glyphosate

Say what?

Now superimpose the practice of putting profits before safety, over the practice of making seeds for food, and that can be a very scary idea. Makes me totally scared about what is in GMO’s. Some people say it is actually the Roundup bacteria. If we keep spraying it on weeds, it can allegedly cause Hodgkin’s Kymphoma. Imagine eating it. Read over my last blog on the potential dangers of GMO here!

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