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Mom Be Dared

By Carol Alt / Post / March 28, 2016

It never ceases to amaze me just how much I’m becoming my mother. As time passes, I feel her generation’s thoughts, their attitudes, their concerns seeping into my brain. I know how old I am, and I know I don’t feel that age. I don’t think any of us do. That’s the dilemma with getting old. Of course, I mean, there are days when you wake up FEELING old, but on the whole it’s hard to believe you’ve had friendships spanning twenty, even thirty years.

When it comes to fashion and facelifts, my mom’s opinion still resonates in my head loud and clear. Yes, I’d love to wear miniskirts. Yes, I’d love to go with a bare midriff still. Hell, my belly looks better now than it ever has! And of course I see other women my age do it, but in my head I think they look ridiculous.

See? I even SOUND like mom. Most of the time these women dressing far under their age look okay, but that’s the problem. They never look better than just “okay.” I wonder if they took a look in a mirror before they stepped outside. But of course, it’s always been my business to look fashionable, and you don’t have to tell me twice how ridiculous MODERN fashion can be. It’s pretentious and often silly-looking, but many times it can be uplifting. Inspiring.

So I force myself to dress fashionably, younger. Believe me, in doing this, there are days when I leave my house wondering if I really should be wearing what I am at the moment. I promise, all this musing is going SOMEWHERE, at least I hope.

This brings us to The Story of God. I needed a dress to attend the opening of Morgan Freeman’s new docuseries, and I wracked my brain trying to figure out what to wear. In the deepest, darkest recesses of my closet, a dress sat unnoticed. It was a dress I had tried to consign through, but they didn’t want it. New York Vintage didn’t want it. I’d never worn it, and I thought SOMEONE might want to give this dress a home and some love. No one did, so it was banished to my closet.

I wasn’t sure I was actually going to make the premiere, so my stylist didn’t know what direction to go with the hair, the clothes. I had a meeting uptown the same day, so I was on a pretty tight schedule. When I got home, I started to get ready to head out for the evening, and that cute little forgotten dress stared longingly at me from a closet hanger. With a shrug, I wore it. I wasn’t sure if I should have, I did buy it in a “younger moment” in my life.

At 55 years old, cute little flower print on a dress generally isn’t an option. You don’t shoot for cute at my age. You need substance. Elegance. (Can I get a hoo-ah for substantial?) But I had no choice, and went out in my cute little dress. It still fit, and I walked the carpet not feeling terribly spectacular or amazing, just waiting for it to end.

You can imagine my surprise, then, when the next day I found that my cute little dress was the hit of the premiere! I guess, then, that there are some times you SHOULDN’T listen to your mom, like when you want to dress young and flirty. Even if you feel those days are behind you, it can be a hugely uplifting experience! So, mom be dared, go for it and feel GREAT!

Check out the link below for my carpet walk here.

What do you think about the way women over 50 dress today? Love to know your thoughts.

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