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How Much Raw Should You Eat?

By Carol Alt / Post / August 28, 2017

This is kind of a funny thing to write about because I talk about how I’m a raw foodie all the time. When people ask me what I eat I have no problem telling them how crazy I am! LOL!

I don’t expect other people to be as crazy as I am. I want people to enjoy their life, and love what they’re doing, but I have found that being sick– because I had so many of my own issues– can really ruin your day. To put it mildly. I’ve had moments where sickness literally ruined years. I don’t wish that on anyone. I also don’t wish for people to be so completely miserable with their food that they’re not enjoying life, especially if you’re doing this as a preventative measure. If you’re already healthy, you’re doing it to stay healthy.

Generally, I tell people they should try to eat around 75% to 95% raw depending on their stage of health. If you’re healthy, it’s always good to have a lot of salad. Salads are a pre-biotic. You should also only eat 5% animal fat per week. Yes, before you ask there is raw animal protein that is delicious like: tartare, carpaccio, marinated salmon, bresaola (air dried beef), and prosciutto (salt cured ham). Now, when I say they’re all raw, you can see that raw also includes dehydrated and cured. Curing can take many forms as well. For example, prosciutto is a pig’s leg soaked in salt for a year. Ceviche is fish and vegetables soaked in lemon juice overnight. Marinated salmon is salmon soaked in lemon juice. With properly cured foods, there’s no worry about bacteria.

With that, you can keep within the guidelines of keeping our coffee, alcohol, and pop soda intake down and keep our water levels up. If we can mix some raw foods in with our processed foods and keep our animal proteins down to a decent level, then we can certainly have a way better chance of keeping healthy. For those of us who aren’t healthy– and that is most of us because I’m looking at the national health statistics– 95% raw can be important to guiding us to better health, especially if you’ve got some kind of inflammatory disease. Some of these inflammatory diseases are cancer, arthritis, neurological diseases, etc. I also found minor things like my stomach acid and my headaches immediately went away when I changed my diet, and no more flu or colds or sinus infections! It was awesome.

When you have more serious inflammatory diseases, you really need to up the ante on diet. Diet, as I’ve said before, is the most powerful medicine you’ll ever take. I’m not talking about ruining your life by not ever eating your hot dog again, I’m just saying treat the hot dog as the reward for eating a healthy diet most of the week. A reward will help you to stay the course to earn that reward. It helps to have something to look forward to, and if the hot dog floats your boat, then make it your reward for work well done.

Food can spark memories, and relax us when we’re stressed, we need whatever helps us to concentrate and focus on our food to helps us be aware of what we’re doing to our bodies to make the right choices of what to eat. That’s all I can ask of you- be aware, be educated, because even if you make the wrong choice when you’re educated at least when you get a bad result you won’t be surprised. When you get a good result you won’t be surprised either. If you have any questions along the way, read my blogs, incorporate some important messages- my messages that are important to you or resonate with you and try to keep healthy.

A healthy world is happy world and a healthy life is a happy life. It’s not the other way around. It’s not a happy life is a healthy life. Remember that!

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