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By Carol Alt / Post / January 22, 2018

I just revisited great book called Living Green by Greg Horn. I went to see Greg in his office once when I was creating my skin care line- he gave me some great advice! I knew he was a big advocate for green living, sustainable commodities, and organic products that work. I thought it was a very helpful book in so many ways, and it answers many more questions about things we may not even find important! For example, he discusses fish, fish farming, and the safety of eating this fish. He writes about skin care and sun block, sustainable green clothing, and filtering your water. Yes, especially your shower water.

Everyday someone writes to me and asks me all these kinds of questions. Many people hear one thing and then the next day, they hear a contradicting thought on the same subject. It is very confusing out there. What I like about this book is that you can keep it as a resource in your kitchen, and when you have a question all you have to do is go to the “little green (In both color AND content) book.”

As I am always learning too, this book is a great wealth of information just to have around- especially since I am by no means the definitive source on any one topic. It even taught me that the list of unsafe fish actually changes! Yeah, you heard me, it changes. So he lists the websites for you to check each week to find out what fish is safe this week. I know you’re thinking, “what a pain in the butt to do this every week.” My opinion is that our world is getting more and more polluted— not less and less polluted. Checking and worrying about our food is going to be a way of life, not just in the future, but right NOW!

Another great mystery that Greg cleared up in his book is about the permeability of the skin. Many people believe that the skin is NOT PERMEABLE—WRONG! Here is a test that will shock you (and again, this is from Greg Horn’s book): Cut a glove of garlic and rub it on the bottom of your foot. In 15 minutes you will taste it! How is that for absorbing? He said your skin is like a sponge, not a barrier, as we all think. Well then, I am right in saying that you should put skin care on your skin that is CHEM-FREE because chemicals in your skincare not only go into your skin, but they pollute the whole system!

You know, I have been privy to many studies on women’s attitudes about skincare, and in particular chemicals versus chemical free, natural, and organic. What I understood from these studies is that women would rather trade off “natural” skin care lines for results! Hey, no surprise there. Women want results and they will trade off being healthy, organic, and natural to have it! Well, isn’t that a pickle. We have great skin but we are to ill to enjoy it!

There are so many great raw and natural ingredients at the tip of your fingers that can inexpensively round out your skin care arsenal. Combine virgin spun coconut oil and cold pressed olive oil together with some tamanu nut oil for a great anti aging moisturizer! Use raw apple cider vinegar with witch hazel as an astringent- even just witch hazel is nice alone. So the next time you think you need to trade off good skin for your health, think again. Think as far as your kitchen!

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