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By Carol Alt / Post / July 4, 2016

Hello all, happy Independence Day. Let’s all take a moment today to remember the sacrifice that’s allowed us to remain as free and happy as we are, and the lives behind it.

Now for today’s post.

I find the topic of genetically modified organisms, or GMO, a little too vast to get into detail here and now. I only bring it up due to watching CBS This Morning; a young woman came on the show discussing how she believes the controversial herbicide Roundup and its active ingredient glyphosphate caused her non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Subsequently, the segment went on to highlight a class-action suit consisting of farmers, landscapers, and other workers who had used Roundup in their line of work. This suit is targeted at Monsanto and other groups who develop and market glyphosphate-based herbicides.

Sounds pretty sinister, right? What it doesn’t go on to mention is just how little we know about glyphosphate, and GMO’s role in its prevalence. Now glyphosphate is a damn good weed killer. We know that. It disrupts plant amino acids at the molecular level. The problem with using it on weeds near crops is that it’s difficult to keep it contained to just the weeds. So farmers blanket their fields, spraying and dusting low-concentration herbicide over the ENTIRE crop, weeds and all. What Monsanto has done is disgusting, and it’s vile.

Imagine you’re in the alcohol business. You’d obviously want to increase your profits, so if you could make the human body MORE tolerant to the toxic effects, you’d then sell more alcohol. It’s the same with Monsanto. They both work hard at genetically modifying crops to be resistant to Roundup’s glyphosphate, and then go ahead and produce the glyphosphate. Seems convenient to me that they’re responsible for enabling farmers to use MORE of the product they themselves sell. In fact, in 2015, 89% of corn, 94% of soybeans, and 89% of cotton produced in the US were genetically modified to be herbicide-tolerant.

So there’s this massive increase in glyphosphate’s presence in our food sources. I started to think. If the people who are SPRAYING this are getting cancer, what about the rest of us who are EATING it?

It’s a hell of a question, for sure.

I saw a wonderful interview with Dr. Joseph Mercola and Dr. John M. Hubner, professor emeritus at Purdue university, talking about the problems we are seeing with the introduction of genetically modified foods. They went on to talk about the first problem, which I feel is a really major problem and the cause of all these issues, and that is that there is no peer reviewed science supporting the safety of genetically modified foods. Even if GMO enthusiast say there’s “mountains of evidence,” I’m still skeptical.

That means, to me, that we are all guinea pigs. That they have no idea what the long-term effects of this are, and the FDA is allowing genetically modified food growers to move ahead on their own merits and for scientists to use the people of United States as their petri dish. That horrifies me.

The second issue is related exactly to the fact that these companies do not care about our health: what is happening healthwise is that we see animal and plant diseases increasing- we are seeing a perfect fit for over thirty different human diseases! The doctor went on to talk about the fact that these glyphosphates are “mineral chelators” meaning that they mobilize minerals! And that they act as antibiotics in our intestines. To me that means that these foods go into my system and kill off life-sustaining probiotics! Also, there was a wishy-washy report that said that glyphosphate “probably causes cancer,” which to me means it absolutely does but they don’t want to go up against Monsanto because Monsanto is too powerful.

And finally I’ll mention sustainability. This is something I touched on during my show, A Healthy You and Carol Alt on Fox News. Farmers are saying they are not growing enough food to feed the growing population. Yet last year we produced enough food for fourteen billion people there are only 7.2 to 7,400,000,000 people on this earth. We are throwing food away!

So there is no need for genetically modified food in that sense.

However, what is terrible is that if you plan to genetically modified your corn, you cannot take the kernels from that corn and plant it the following year and get corn, no way Jose! Monsanto can’t have that! They need the farmers to come back every year and buy seeds from them in order to grow their crops. What kind of sustainability is that? Making a farmer a cash-strapped debtor because buy seeds every year for their crops? They become a slave to Monsanto and constantly in debt to them.

I’m not a scientist, and I’m not a doctor either. But what I do know is that if there’s this much controversy over a food product – then why do I want to eat it? Regardless of whether it’s healthy for me or not – the fact that it MIGHT not be healthy for me is enough to make me want to have GMO’d foods labeled.

I should have a choice of what I put in my body.

And because nowadays they’re even labeling GMO’d foods as ORGANIC (of all crazy ideas), I’m confused, dismayed and basically really pissed off that I can’t exercise my free will. That the will of someone else is being imposed on me.

In other words the will of Monsanto to force their foods on me by not labeling them as genetically modified is substantially destroying my quality-of-life. And I say that because I stress every day about the food I’m eating. And I have to watch all the time. And I already have health issues and I don’t know what has been compromised by the fact that I don’t know what foods are genetically modified what are not.

So yes, Monsanto has imposed their will on me – and most likely on you too!

Who’s out there to protect public?

Now take a look at an episode of Healing Quest covering GMO foods.

Edited by Jake Layton

Carol Alt

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