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Ginger Ale

By Carol Alt / Post / May 8, 2017

I was interested to see that during Pat Kernan’s “In The Papers” segment this morning on NY1 he referenced a story on soda settling your stomach. He mentioned that when he was a kid his mother used to give him soda, ginger ale specifically, to settle his stomach. He then mentioned that the article said that there is no value in giving people soda when their stomach is upset.

I think the point of ginger ale when your stomach is upset is not because it’s soda, but because it was actually used to be made with ginger. Back in the good old days, when tonic water was actually made with quinine and could possibly help you battle malaria or leg cramps– ginger Ale was actually made with ginger, and ginger is very good at settling your stomach. The interesting thing about products on the market today is that they constantly change. I understand that big business doesn’t understand why if you change tonic water from carbonated water and quinine to carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup, bitter lemon, and a splash of quinine in it- it doesn’t have any medicinal effect really at all- the amount of quinine is almost insignificant.

The same goes for ginger ale. If you take the ginger out of ginger ale, all you have is a commercialized soda that doesn’t have any medicinal effect. And that can be said about many other products on the market today; while they were originally created to serve a purpose, they became popular as a luxury drink or food or product and that status changed how it was made. Because ginger ale is no longer needed to help you settle your stomach (pharmaceuticals have taken its place), it has become a social drink and therefore has been watered down, can be mixed with alcohol, changed, and recreated into something completely different.

Luckily, the real thing is easy to make at home. Boil water and slice up some fresh ginger root. Drop the ginger to the boiling water let it boil for 10 minutes, then let it soak for a couple of hours. Add some raw honey to taste, mix to get the honey to dissolve, add ice and serve. If you actually don’t feel well, adding a little bit a lemon with no ice can serve to actually help you if you’ve really got a tummy-ache!

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