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Don’t Take The Multi-Useless Vitamins

By Carol Alt / Post / November 14, 2016

When I got involved with Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, I was already a full-fledged raw foodie thanks to Dr. Brantley, so I didn’t need to learn about the nutritional part of his protocol. I needed to know how to supplement the body, and try to tame disease, to keep the body healthy- all this I learned from Dr. Nick Gonzalez. The question is: how did Dr. Gonzalez stumble on a protocol for disease that worked?

Dr. Gonzalez was a med student working under Dr. Robert Good, the President of Memorial Sloane Kettering. He was already very involved with conventional cancer protocols. He decided to write his master thesis on a Dr. Kelley, a dentist in Texas, who had been saying that he had found the cure for cancer. Dr. Gonzalez thought that he would go down and spend a few days with Dr. Kelley, go through a couple of files and come back and write a thesis debunking Dr. Kelley and his work.

Instead, the complete opposite happened. Dr. Gonzalez changed his life’s work to study and follow Dr. Kelley’s protocol.

When Dr. Gonzalez arrived in Texas, he found that Dr. Kelley had an entire room full of thousands of case studies. The files were broken down into three different piles: people who had family backing them while they did the protocol and who were still on it years later and healthy; people who did the protocol for year or less and stopped. They lived for a bit after they stopped the protocol, but then ultimately died; the third group was people who did the protocol for only a couple weeks or not at all and died almost immediately or did chemo and died even after chemo.

Each patient had been diagnosed by a reputable hospital. They were sure of the diagnosis and the protocol results as both tests were done by an independent hospital. What the files proved was that people on the protocol lasted, on average, longer than the people who did not stay on the protocol. If they stayed on the protocol, they were usually still living years later (if they hadn’t died from an accident.) and he found that family support was very important in keeping people on their protocol.

He was incredulous! This meant that the protocol actually worked. So he stayed in Texas and interviewed hundreds of Kelley’s patients to hear first-hand about their experience. Since the protocol was a mixture of the right kind of foods, enzymes, detoxing and the correct supplements- it had no negative side effects!

Notice I said “the right” foods and “the right”, the right detox regime .

So I understood that the protocol talked about the right type of food for a particular body- then I could imagine how important the proper daily supplementation is. The protocol was simple enough: take a hair and/or blood test to find out what type of food you should be eating, what kind of supplements you should be taking, and if you were sick with, say, cancer- taking the right amounts of pancreatic enzymes worked to try to “dissolve” the cancer tumors.

Even though every “body” is basically the same because we all need vitamins and minerals, each body needs these vitamins and minerals in a particular way and suffers from different deficiencies. I know this sounds confusing. But here’s how it worked for me and my boyfriend. He did the protocol prophylactically, as a preventative. I am very “acid” personality – many people who know me will probably agree with that! LOL! (Also known as sympathetic dominant.) That means that the pH of my saliva and urine |(measured using a pH test) were consistently falling below 6.8.

Learn how to check your own here!

My boyfriend, however, was a completely relaxed, alkaline personality. So, he had the possibility for alkaline based issues (very rare) and he was considered parasympathetic dominant. So what does that all mean? Trying to make this as easy for me to follow as possible, my doctor told me the following:

What this means is that my body was carrying less oxygen in the blood. Why does disease happen in this type of environment? Well, let’s look at a cancer cell- it is an anaerobic cell. That means it thrives where there is less oxygen. It multiplies prolifically when there is low oxygen levels. Healthy cells however love and need oxygen. They cannot survive when oxygen levels are low. This oxygen is used for metabolic processes and reproduction.

No Oxygen = No Life

I believed that balancing out the system became imperative – I worked tirelessly to achieve this. I did this by eating as much raw food as possible as raw food is very, very alkalizing in the body! Supplementing my raw food diet with alkalizing vitamins to build my immune system and minerals (minerals in a citrate form which my doctor told me was more alkaline) which neutralized acid in the tissues of my body. My boyfriend who was an extremely alkaline personality (very relaxed) balanced his system by eating more acid forming foods such as meat and tomatoes and spinach, and also by taking oratate-based minerals for his system.

In other words: not every body needs a useless pill of multi-Vitamins. I don’t need what you need and you don’t need what I need.

What does this all involve?

I take my hair test bi-yearly and adjust my protocol accordingly- because the body changes constantly. And because I’m doing this… I’ve fought off cancer and kept myself healthy for the last 16 years of Dr. Gonzalez’s practice. And I have brought all my friends and family into the fold. Everybody does some form or another of this protocol.

For people who already have a disease like cancer, after reviewing the hair test, the doctor recommends adding pancreatic enzymes. But what are pancreatic enzymes and how do they work?

Pancreatic enzymes were a “cancer cure” miracle founded by Dr. John Beard in the early 1900s. They gained no momentum because at the same time Madame Curie, who was very politically active, was pushing her radiation therapy. In an ironic twist, Madame Curie died of radiation cancer (cancer from radiation poisoning.)

Yet we still insist radiation is so great and enzymes are so weird.

I wish we could just look at everything and be able to choose what’s right for us. But I digress:
What enzymes do in this particular case is they inhibit the ability of a trophoblast, which can be a tumor, from implanting and draining a host body.

(Trophoblasts and the Origins of Cancer by Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez)

The thing about cancer is that tumors basically send tubes into the bloodstream to drain the host body of nutrients so that it can feed itself and grow; thereby draining all the nutrients from the host body and killing it off.

(By the way, enzymes are involved in everything the body does from blinking your eyelids to digesting food. They are very important!!!)

Pancreatic enzymes basically inhibit the tumors from doing this. Dr. Beard found this out in the early 1900’s. Later, Dr. Kelley found this out when he tried to cure himself from his own cancer. He feared for his children that he had adopted. If he died who would take care of them? Fear is a great motivator, but love of your children is an even greater motivator.

This is Dr. Kelley story in a nutshell:

Dr. Kelley, was an Orthodox dentist working out of Texas. People traveled from all over the world to see him. At some point in his life, Dr. Kelley realized he had a lot to offer and he decided to adopt children. Then one day he noticed a lump in his left side; it turned out to be pancreatic cancer. It grew very quickly and it started Dr. Kelley in motion to his intensive research!

He went and started studying and found that pancreatic enzymes really helped his condition. He wondered why nobody else had thought of this. Then he researched again and realized Dr. Beard had, in fact, studied and successfully utilize pancreatic enzymes to cure his cancer patients.

He treated himself with high doses of pancreatic enzymes, and he got the results he wanted: his pancreatic cancer went away! However, it came back again and he realized that it wasn’t just about pancreatic enzymes, it’s a whole comprehensive regime of pancreatic enzymes, the correct food, and correct supplements.

But he wasn’t talking about a multivitamin. He was talking about a supervised vitamin and mineral (supplement) regime. Anyway, his protocol worked and it seemed to have worked for the thousands of cases he was conducting and it worked very well for Dr. Gonzalez- and it certainly worked for me! The only prerequisite to doing the protocol is that you need to be able to eat! Seems easy enough!

So since I was able to reverse my health issues and remain healthy based on the raw food of Timothy Brantley and the supplementation of enzyme therapy from Dr. Gonzalez, I am humbly nominating food, and supplements and enzymes as the top disease fighters!

One little tip: cycle off your protocol for a few days periodically to give your body a rest and allow it to dump what it doesn’t need…

To learn more about Dr. Gonzalez’s work treating diseases like cancer check out Also, request your library to bring in my books to help you learn to eat raw, find recipes, understand why raw foods are more nutritious for you and to learn other protocols not mentioned in my blogs.

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*thank you to Dr Gonzalez’ wife, Mary Beth Gonzalez for not just tirelessly continuing his work, but for helping me with this blog!

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