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DNA for your Diet

By Carol Alt / Post / August 7, 2017

This is a bit of a rebuttal to the naysayers on DNA testing for diet.

This morning on the news a young woman said that when she got her DNA test done the diet that was prescribed afterward helped her with her life of debilitating stomach issues. Sometimes she had stomach problems so badly she could not stand up after eating!

A doctor came on and disputed her findings by saying, “This doesn’t really say anything about what kind of diets we should be eating.”

But the woman insisted that when her DNA test came back that it showed that she was intolerant of starch- corn, peas, potatoes, sweet potatoes etc.- and that when she cut that out, she felt amazing. She went on to say that she had been cutting out dairy, gluten, meat and other things but never once thought about starches. So the question is, does a DNA test really work?

Well, I have to weigh in with my two cents. I’ve been getting hair tests at Dr. Gonzalez’s offices since 2001. Knowing that my raw diet is good for me and that I need to cut down on animal protein, probably saved my life. At the time I was upset with Dr. Gonzalez because he was cutting fish out of my diet. At one point I begged him to give me back fish! But he would only allow me to eat it three times a week! This was a real setback from eating it literally 14 times a week– lunch and dinner.

For me, a moderate vegetarian, cutting down to three times a week was excruciating. I begrudgingly did as I was told and I thrived. Years later I read the China Study and totally understood the mechanism behind his what’s seem to me to be madness. Read a previous blog of mine here for more. The book explained how animal proteins can trigger your DNA to replicate incorrectly and could possibly be a cause of cancer.

I have found out there there are so many causes for cancer. Viral, dietary, hereditary, hormonal – the list can go on. But we’re not talking about disease here, necessarily. We are talking about feeling better after you eat than before you eat!

Many times we’re hungry, weak and shaking. We head straight for the sugar, which is usually our bread on the table or a glass of alcohol. Sound familiar? And then we order too much food because we’re hungry when we’re ordering. In fact, some restaurants keep you sitting there so that you drink and get hungry and order more. Yes, marketing is wonderful!

Being smarter than the people who are trying to trick you isn’t that hard. When it comes to food and diet, simple is better- and go for the main show, not all the side shows like bread etc. To know what your body can tolerate is probably a good thing. Dr. Gonzalez once told me the story about a woman who was dying of cancer. He kept putting her on raw food because he believed she was inflamed– cancer is an inflammatory disease, so this wasn’t much of a jump to make that assumption. But the woman kept getting worse and worse and telling Dr. G she was craving charcoal broiled hamburgers. The doctor finally relented and said go ahead and eat the hamburgers.

She reported feeling so much better afterwards that the doctor said go ahead, eat cooked meat. Keep in mind that’s probably the worst diet for most people if you have an inflammatory disease. You probably should be eating raw vegetables-but hey, a DNA test could tell you that! But in the case of this woman, she started getting better and better and better. That’s when Dr. Gonzalez realized everybody needs their own specific diet. And if a DNA test can tell us that, then isn’t that a great step towards not just feeling better, but fighting disease?

A simple saliva test, or in my case a hair test, can tell you the things to stay away from so that when you get up from the table you’re not doubled over in pain, no irritable bowel syndrome, just that happy feeling you get when you’ve had a good, nourishing meal. I guess my thought is what’s the harm? Spit into a tube and they send it to a nutraceutical company and they tell you what you can eat. Seems like a pretty simple test to have in your arsenal!

A simple test that may help you in the battle for your life. Literally.

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