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Change Your Diet, Change Your Life

By Carol Alt / Post / August 9, 2017

I really wanted to call my third raw book Easy Breezy Sexy Raw, because I wanted to focus on how easy it is to do recipes from raw ingredients. Of course, the book company wanted me to get rid of “Breezy,” as it was already in the CoverGirl ad. I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, “Easy, breezy, beautiful CoverGirl-” it’s become fairly iconic. Even though I argued that no one would confuse raw food with commercial make up, I lost the war, and so my book ended up being titled Easy Sexy Raw.

In any case, what I really focused on in the beginning of the book was why I had “sexy” in the title. I felt that when you feel beautiful, you project beautiful; when you feel good in your body, you feel sexy. I went on to say that if you feel healthy, then you project beauty and confidence as well. I mean there’s nothing worse than not being healthy. There’s nothing worse than sitting across from your doctor and getting a diagnosis. I don’t ever wish to hear another line that begins with, “I’m sorry to tell you…”

I think those are the five worst words to start a sentence with. My mission in my life is to never hear that again, and to help you to never hear that as well.

When I first went raw, I went raw for vanity reasons. I’m in a business where women are young. But by the time I was 37, I was competing with 22 year-olds. And even if you think you’ve got a name, this isn’t a business where you start in the basement and end up as the CEO. In fact it’s the complete opposite. You start out young, hot, sexy, at the top your game, earning the big bucks– and then you’re demoted to the basement by the time you’re in your 40s. Some girls are smart and leave to raise families, never really getting to that point where you’re basically thrown out. Some girls hold on until the very end and can get in trouble because they have no more money to pay their bills. They haven’t focused on a relationship. Sometimes when you’re not earning enough, your business can become all encompassing because you’re ALWAYS looking for work. Hopefully not many of my colleagues did that…

The girls that are still going, still earning their 40s and 50s- well all those girls you can count on one hand. The majority of people in this business just end up not being able to earn so they leave the business.

I was in my late 30s and I was faced with the fact that I was being replaced by 22 year-olds. Naturally I was looking for something- anything- to give me an edge. When I was blessed with the info on raw food, and believe me I was blessed, I didn’t look that gift horse in the mouth. I knew I was given something special because this was a lifestyle based on science and clinical studies by the doctor I was working with. That doctor, Dr. Timothy Brantley, wrote the book The Cure, Heal Your Body Save Your Life -a must read!
What happened to me when I first went raw was beyond any expectation. But I have to tell you what I was like before.

The problem with the before was I didn’t know that all this was creeping up on me. I didn’t know how bad I felt until I went raw and felt good. Crazy right? First of all, I was sent home from a shoot because I was “not in a bathing suit condition.” It was a project with my name on it- could you get any more embarrassing? I was taking aspirin at least three times in two weeks. Not a heckuva lot, but more than I did at 20. I was also living on Afrin for my terrible sinus infections. After the sinus infection had lasted three months, I would take Cipro. I was also living on stomach antacids, sleeping with NyQuil and waking up with coffee moody and tired. I would drink a coffee to keep going or to fill my empty stomach. I was not able to eat because I had to keep my 5 foot 11 inch frame at 120 to 125 pounds. That made me pretty grouchy.

I just knew there had to be a better way.

When I went raw, no more aspirin, no acid stomach, no cold or flu! I slept like a baby and I woke refreshed, and best of all, I was never hungry and could maintain my perfect size. Now I know you’re wondering why I think this is sexy. But it’s not a matter of it being “lingerie sexy,” it’s a matter of how YOU feel. It was sexy to me to not be hungry, tired, bloated, moody, headachy– not to have a cold or flu. It was sexy to me to sleep well and wake up happy and refreshed. It was like a magnet for other people. I think when you feel miserable, people feel that you feel miserable and they stay away.

If I could tell you anything today, if I could do one thing for you and your life, that would be to ask you please check your diet and make changes. Add some raw. Changing your diet can change your life. I’m a walking billboard.

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