Carol Alt
07 October
Marsha Blackburn Interview Part 1: The ...
By Carol Alt / Post / October 7, 2015
A while back, I did an interview with U.S. Congressman Marsha Blackburn on my show A Healthy You on Fox News.  She has been a congressman, representing Tennessee’s 7th Congressional District, since 2002. During the interview, she opened my eyes to some of the realities of drug abuse. I though...Read More
29 September
Are Pesticides On Organic Foods?...
By Carol Alt / Post / September 29, 2015
I recently heard about a wine company that admitted its vineyard grounds had been bombarded with harsh and even toxic chemicals. But they still claim to harvest organic grapes and that they no longer use certain chemicals on the fruit. But let’s face it. Even if this company met government standar...Read More
17 September
Carols Kitchen: spaghetti al pesto...
By Carol Alt / Post / September 17, 2015
Here is another installment of Carol’s Kitchen:  spaghetti al pesto!  This delicious raw recipe is from my book, Eating in the Raw, from 2004!  It’s a cant miss for amazing taste and health.  Enjoy!...Read More
12 August
Keeping Your Body Balanced Maintains You...
By Carol Alt / Post / August 12, 2015
The alkaline/acid balance in our bodies affects our overall health. This balance, which is called pH, is reflected in every cell in our bodies. Our bodies are constantly trying to strike a balance between too acidic and too alkaline. According to Sonya Collins at WebMD, our blood is slightly alkalin...Read More
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