Carol Alt
23 May
Substitute with Raw!...
By Carol Alt / Post / May 23, 2016
Generally, saying I eat “raw” comes with a lot of questions and confusion. It’s understandable; when my doctor told me years ago that I should be eating as raw as possible, I was confused too! He said it alone would change my figure, my health, and my mood. I didn’t believe him at the time, ...Read More
11 May
Green Envy...
By Carol Alt / Post / May 11, 2016
You know the old joke: What’s a honeymoon salad? Lettuce alone without any dressing! Well, now, that might be great for a honeymoon salad – but it certainly is not great for a lunch or dinner salad. Salads are only as boring as you make them since there is such a variety of things that &hell...Read More
11 April
Why Doesn’t National “Do Not...
By Carol Alt / Post / April 11, 2016
Can anyone tell me why the National Do Not Call list work? I mean, I can call, I can put my number on the list, I can even sweat out the month they tell you it takes before the request kicks in. Then like clockwork, the next month solicitors are still calling, and when I … Read More
05 April
Hulk Hogan And Privacy...
By admin / Post / April 5, 2016
I speak out today in defense of my friend, and Thunder in Paradise co-star, Hulk Hogan. Now, you’re gonna need some backstory before I get into it much further. The Hulk’s real name is Terry Bolea, and he took the “Hulk Hogan” pseudonym as a professional wrestler. I suppose that affords one ...Read More
16 March
Dr. Sam Chachoua...
By Carol Alt / Post / March 16, 2016
I’m not a person who likes to get into the middle of others’ fights. But sometimes, just sometimes, the other side needs to be heard, and heard coming from a neutral party. When I was doing my show, A Healthy You, I had the opportunity to interview Dr. Samir Chachoua- otherwise known as Dr. Sam-...Read More
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