Carol Alt
30 October
My Thoughts About Recent Events...
By Carol Alt / Post / October 30, 2017
The other day I was doing an interview about my Cat Perkins shoe line and the interview veered off into a political hot potato question. “What are your feelings about the recent sexual scandals?” First of all, I have to say in business I’ve never really been sexually abused. If I’m going to ...Read More
22 May
Calling Bully on the Chicken Industry...
By Carol Alt / Post / May 22, 2017
You know, I wish I could believe a company like Perdue. What I’m specifically talking about is the growing number of incidences involving abuse and poor conditions at factory farms. I’m talking about you, Purdue, and I wish I could believe you when you make statements. I saw commercials they ran...Read More
31 August
Walking for a Cure is Baloney...
By Carol Alt / Post / August 31, 2016
Many of you will not agree with me on this blog. Some of you might even be angry, or offended. But the things I say and the things I mention aren’t meant to harm, they’re meant to inform. Just keep that in mind. It’s extremely interesting to note just how many people are gung-ho about …...Read More
27 July
The Times They Are A-Changing...
By Carol Alt / Post / July 27, 2016
I thought we could take a break from health blogs and all their seriousness to talk a little fashion! I was sitting in an office either day, I was a few minutes early for a meeting, and I noticed the magazines on the table. I started to think how different life is today then the … Read More
25 July
The Case for a Second Opinion...
By Carol Alt / Post / July 25, 2016
I’m sure you’ve all heard the phrase said somewhere, whether it be TV, with friends, wherever: “I’d like a second opinion please.” Maybe it’s become such a common phrase that we as a whole have started to underestimate its gravitas. I mean, when you’re told that you’ve got cancer or ...Read More
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