Carol Alt
08 May
The Student has Become the Teacher...
By Carol Alt / Post / May 8, 2015
Recently, I received an honorary doctorate from the NY College of Health Professions, and like the sad sack I am; I cried when they presented it to me in front of the graduating class. I was also appointed as the commencement speaker. I had to stand in front of the the students, and be ‘presen...Read More
25 March
Do Not Let Words Fool You...
By Carol Alt / Post / March 25, 2015
Familiar skincare product taglines: Healthy LOOKING MAY reduce fine lines Not everyone gets THESE results These are the words that many products hide behind. I know they look innocent enough, but these words are really sinister. Let me translate what these words mean. Healthy LOOKING: it means it...Read More
24 March
Mid-Life Planning is a Must...
By admin / Post / March 24, 2015
Americans in or nearing their later years often dream of making the second part of their life carefree, leisurely, and uncomplicated. However, the sad truth is that most of them aren’t prepared to deal with unforeseen circumstances that life can suddenly hurl their way. An emergency or death can l...Read More
26 February
New Website Design for
By admin / Post / February 26, 2015 has a new website design!  Announced via press release on Tuesday, Feb. 24, the new design has stirred up some “buzz” already, and has even been mentioned in the LA Times.  The design largely focuses on branding famous supermodel Carol Alt. As one of the most decorated mod...Read More
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