Carol Alt
27 April
Why I Turned Down 100 Grand...
By Carol Alt / Post / April 27, 2016
In Monday’s blog I talked about turning down $50,000 to walk down a runway. I know, you think it’s nuts that I’d say no. In my experience I’ve found there’s always some reason you make a business decision in that moment. When I first started walking runways I’d pull maybe $700 a night. T...Read More
18 April
Is Chivalry Dead?...
By Carol Alt / Post / April 18, 2016
You know, it’s the little things a man does that can tell you tons about him. The other night I went out with a male friend of mine; he’s the son of a very very famous director. He is a sweet and gorgeous guy; the right pedigree in terms of Hollywood royalty. But all those … Read More
02 March
Carol Alt Portfolio...
By Carol Alt / Post / March 2, 2016
Once upon a time there was a little girl from Long Island. Daughter of a fireman and proud of it, she pulled herself up and won an ROTC scholarship to Hofstra University. The Hofstra Uni-Span- an enclosed pedestrian bridge across Hempstead Bethpage Turnpike- was a regular sight in her childhood, as ...Read More
18 December
Finding Your True First Act...
By Carol Alt / Post / December 18, 2015
F. Scott Fitzgerald once said, “There are no second acts.” At first glance, I disagree. I’m living, breathing proof that there are. However, I wonder if he meant that making your life over to do something that isn’t your true passion is a set up for failure. With that in mind, I can understa...Read More
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