Carol Alt
18 December
You’re Allowed To Laugh...
By Carol Alt / Post / December 18, 2017
I know that I write very serious blogs, because your health is seriously important to me! I also know the power of laughter, so that’s what I aim to do- make you laugh! This’ll inevitably piss some people off too, but that’s okay. Whatever you feel, all I ask is that you just let i...Read More
13 December
5 Ways Drinking Tea Improves Health and ...
By Carol Alt / Post / December 13, 2017
Drinking tea promotes health inside and out. Rich in antioxidants and compounds that promote well-being, tea has long been favored by health enthusiasts! When we think of tea, the definition usually includes the true tea plant, Camellia sinensis, and other herbal and root blends that can be steeped ...Read More
11 December
Heavy Metals and the Body – Why So...
By Carol Alt / Post / December 11, 2017
I know that everybody is talking about heavy metals in fish. However, nobody talks about where else you find them, why heavy metals are so bad, or how to flush them out of the body! Heavy metals are found everywhere, not just fish! They are even to be found in the biosludge that they send … <...Read More
06 December
Is Optimal Health as Close as your Sauna...
By Carol Alt / Post / December 6, 2017
Recently I had the great fortune to go to The Truth About Cancer Conference in Dallas which was run by Ty and his wife Charlene Bollinger. It inspired me to write the last 17 blogs about how I was able to change my health for the better and to turn around a serious health issue. … Read More
04 December
Weekend Warrior...
By Carol Alt / Post / December 4, 2017
I know that it’s after Christmas and everybody’s thinking towards exercise because we over ate during the holidays. Here are some new thoughts that might get you up and running! A few weeks back I wrote about how exercise is very important for healing. It’s a very important step in...Read More
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