Carol Alt
30 August
Protruding Belly?...
By Carol Alt / Post / August 30, 2017
I have a fantastic housekeeper who comes once a week for a couple of hours to help me clean up after the cats. Who knew cats could be so pampered? Lol, in any case, I was trying to figure out what to write about today and I looked to my maid for help! I asked … Read More
28 August
How Much Raw Should You Eat?...
By Carol Alt / Post / August 28, 2017
This is kind of a funny thing to write about because I talk about how I’m a raw foodie all the time. When people ask me what I eat I have no problem telling them how crazy I am! LOL! I don’t expect other people to be as crazy as I am. I want people … Read More
21 August
pH is So Important for Controlling Your ...
By Carol Alt / Post / August 21, 2017
There seems to be so much confusion out there about how to check your pH level. Checking your pH is very easy thing to do. I have found the best pH strips are from Just Fitter. Seriously, here’s what you do. You grab the pH strip by the tail- do not touch the tip with … Read More
16 August
How Far Would You Go to Save Your Life?...
By Carol Alt / Post / August 16, 2017
Bard Cancer Center asks that question. Would you travel across the United States if you thought you would get an early warning of disease? First, you have to understand that an accurate early warning for disease can certainly save your life, but just how early a warning can you get? I have been work...Read More
14 August
Why are Heavy Metals so Bad for the Body...
By Carol Alt / Post / August 14, 2017
I know that everybody is talking about heavy metals in fish. However, nobody talks about where else you find them, why heavy metals are so bad, or how to flush them out of the body! Heavy metals are found everywhere, not just fish! They are even to be found in the biosludge that they send … <...Read More
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