Carol Alt
09 March
Depressed? Take Charge Rather than Takin...
By Carol Alt / Post / March 9, 2016
Take charge of your health, that is, and I have found just the right way for you to do that in Dr. Kelly Brogan’s ground-breaking, allopathic medicine-shaking, myth-busting book on depression. In A Mind of Your Own, she describes how we have been duped for many years by the medical community into ...Read More
24 February
You Got Guts! Don’t Forget About T...
By Carol Alt / Post / February 24, 2016
The Human Microbiome The human body is a walking, talking ecosystem. Like a remote forest, or a deep ocean, life thrives in places we wouldn’t expect. There are ten times more microbial cells living on the surfaces of our bodies- both inside and out- than there are human cells. This makes for an i...Read More
22 January
Guest Review: Warmth Like Never Before ...
By Fan Post / Post / January 22, 2016
You may think that your space heater is doing a great job of heating your single space, but it is not reaching the full potential of home heating. The Apollo 2000 is more than a room-heating unit; it is a home heating unit and works to enable your home to become warmer than it would … Read More
26 October
Superfood Skin Masks...
By Gwen Lewis / Post / October 26, 2015
If you’re going organic, a good question to ask yourself is:  would you eat it? Most likely, your current mask contains lots of harsh chemicals and hard-to-pronounce ingredients.  Why put something toxic that you wouldn’t ingest onto your face? Opt for one of these organic, easy to DIY masks i...Read More
27 April
By admin / Post / April 27, 2015
Carol Alt has been selected as the Commencement speaker and Honorary Doctorate recipient at the 2015 New York College of Health Professions Commencement Ceremony on May 3rd. New York College has been a leader in Holistic Health Care and Education for more than 30 years.  It is the only private, not...Read More
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