Carol Alt
15 February
Guest Post- The Treehouse...
By admin / Post / February 15, 2017
I’ve decided that today is a very, very tiring day. Keeping blogs like this going takes it out of you. So I’ve asked my editor Jake to put together a post, and he’s chosen to present a short story for this week. I hope you all enjoy! I’ll be back to regularly scheduled posts ...Read More
30 January
5 Reasons Tea and Yoga are the Perfect P...
By Carol Alt / Post / January 30, 2017
Drinking tea can complement the yoga practice by relieving physical discomfort and stimulating brain waves that ease the drinker into a relaxed state. The yoga practice has many different facets and layers, from the physical to the philosophical. Life is a complex and multidimensional experience tha...Read More
25 January
5 Ways Drinking Tea Improves Health and ...
By Carol Alt / Post / January 25, 2017
Drinking tea promotes health inside and out. Rich in antioxidants and compounds that promote well-being, tea has long been favored by health enthusiasts! When we think of tea, the definition usually includes the true tea plant, Camellia sinensis, and other herbal and root blends that can be steeped ...Read More
19 October
My Interview with MedWellness Italy!...
By Carol Alt / Post / October 19, 2016
While I was recently abroad in Italy, a lovely journalist by the name of Raffaella Quieti Cartledge sat down with me for an interview. She’s the editor-in-chief at MedWellness, which is a smaller publication, so I honestly wasn’t expecting SUCH an extremely high-quality interview! Raffae...Read More
22 August
Smoothie ‘Stravaganza!...
By admin / Post / August 22, 2016
As many of you know, one of my favorite breakfasts involves sweetness. Now I’m sure you’re not surprised, as I do love sweet things, but in this particular case a sweet breakfast can be a good thing! Let me take you into the lovely world of raw smoothies. Buckle up, it’s about to g...Read More
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