Carol Alt
12 June
This Is a CAT Of a Different Color...
By Carol Alt / Post / June 12, 2017
Okay… So every now and then I like to change it up and give you guys a mental break from health and beauty by doing something on fashion. Last week I went on NY1 and did their live Facebook show called 1More Thing. Jamie Stelter, the regular host, had just had her baby and they … Read More
22 June
Socks That Rock...
By Carol Alt / Post / June 22, 2016
A few days ago I received an email from a woman named Susan. She said she’d been given my contact information by my good friend Rich, who had recommended me to try her new product. Now both Rich and my other dear friend Marybeth have been wearing compression socks for a number of reasons for &hell...Read More
06 June
Recycled Fashion...
By Carol Alt / Post / June 6, 2016
It’s often said that the older generations tend to look out of touch, sometimes even behind the times in fashion. I can definitely understand that. Yesterday, while shopping in Greenwich Village, I saw store after store displaying the exact fashions I was wearing in the 1970s. Every window caught ...Read More
25 April
By Carol Alt / Post / April 25, 2016
The other day, I saw a poster with Amy Schumer on it titled “Overexposed.” It’s funny to hear that word in this day and age; it’s almost impossible to be overexposed. Maybe a celebrity could feel exhausted with the amount of press they’re getting, but overexposure? Never. There’s never e...Read More
07 March
Your Health and Your Nails...
By Carol Alt / Post / March 7, 2016
I’m sure you never expected those two items to be in the same title, right? I didn’t either. But hey, I’m all about learning new things, and I’d like to pass on a little tip that you might find too good to be true. While I was shooting my Fox show, A Healthy You, I … Read More
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