Carol Alt
07 March
Your Health and Your Nails...
By Carol Alt / Post / March 7, 2016
I’m sure you never expected those two items to be in the same title, right? I didn’t either. But hey, I’m all about learning new things, and I’d like to pass on a little tip that you might find too good to be true. While I was shooting my Fox show, A Healthy You, I … Read More
01 March
Shoe Of The Week!...
By admin / Post / March 1, 2016
Check out this week’s shoe of the week!...Read More
15 January
Is “No-Poo” Really Better for Your H...
By Carol Alt / Post / January 15, 2016
With all of the hype surrounding the “no-poo” hair care trend, I knew it was about time I took a look at it. Proponents of the “no-poo” method have stopped washing their hair with shampoo on a daily basis, or else stopped using shampoo entirely. The idea behind this practice is that shampoo,...Read More
07 December
Are your hands giving away your age?...
By Carol Alt / Post / December 7, 2015
Our hands are an easy enough thing to ignore as we tend to focus on our faces and our bulging bellies.  We focus on bald heads, we focus on libido, and for those with families; we focus on our kids and our spouses. Then, one day we look down and say, “OH MY GOSH!!” We … Read More
23 November
The Power of Positive Affirmations...
By Carol Alt / Post / November 23, 2015
What we believe about ourselves will be reflected in our bodies and in our actions. Our subconscious is often the root cause of our physical ailments. Changing what we believe about ourselves can change not only our behavior, but our health as well. Where do we get negative beliefs about ourselves? ...Read More
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