Carol Alt
08 June
Raw Dairy and You...
By Carol Alt / Post / June 8, 2016
There’s an old saying that goes “Water, water, everywhere, nor any drop to drink.” Well that’s good, considering I prefer a glass of raw milk! I always hesitate when I write about dairy products. Folks tend to have very strong opinions one way or the other regarding whether we should be cons...Read More
01 June
Researching the Research...
By Carol Alt / Post / June 1, 2016
As I’m sure you all know, I love watching television. Something about the window to other places it provides really speaks to me. Lately, I’ve been enjoying Last Week Tonight with John Oliver on HBO. He’s got this amazing way of speaking about very serious topics, and making them accessible. O...Read More
30 May
Can Breast Feeding Be Our Defense Agains...
By Carol Alt / Post / May 30, 2016
The news isn’t good when it comes to breast cancer. It hasn’t been good in a while, but recently it seems there’s been an upward trend, one that definitely concerns me. The other night I was sitting in my living room with Robert of the Robert Scott Bell Show (7:00PM to 9:00PM EST every weekday...Read More
25 May
The Price of Freedom...
By Carol Alt / Post / May 25, 2016
Every single day we see terrible things happening in the news. It leads me to ask myself, are we just seeing more of the bad things happening these days, or are tragedies actually happening more and more often? I’m not sure which is true. It’s truly awful. Just yesterday I was watching an episod...Read More
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