Carol Alt
18 July
My Sister, the Probiotic Hero...
By Carol Alt / Post / July 18, 2016
My sister won’t be pleased I’m writing about her in my blog, she’s not a fan of the attention. I feel compelled though to bring her up, and put her on a pedestal today, as she’s my hero. You heard that right. My sister is my number one hero. And whenever I see something that … Read More
06 July
Acid Reflux and Aging...
By Carol Alt / Post / July 6, 2016
Sometimes I find myself running my mouth at people, eagerly going on and on about topics that I think are interesting. Sometimes, my factoids and anecdotes fall on deaf ears, and they sometimes fall on ears that are all TOO willing to hear. Let me explain. I have a girlfriend whom I’ve modeled wit...Read More
29 June
Time Out!...
By Carol Alt / Post / June 29, 2016
I sometimes think I’m immortal. Yeah, it’s a bold statement to make. It feels like I could keep running my body hard and working without much, if any, consequence. Way back in 1999, when I turned 39, I was offered an opportunity to raise money for the Amazon rainforest. Clearly I said yes, and I...Read More
27 June
The Secret Life Of People: My Story Of A...
By Carol Alt / Post / June 27, 2016
Once upon a time I went to a fashion show. At this fashion show a young model (well young compared to me anyway) kind of latch onto me. She followed me around the show, sat next to me and then asked if we could walk and talk and go for drinks. My boyfriend at the … Read More
22 June
Socks That Rock...
By Carol Alt / Post / June 22, 2016
A few days ago I received an email from a woman named Susan. She said she’d been given my contact information by my good friend Rich, who had recommended me to try her new product. Now both Rich and my other dear friend Marybeth have been wearing compression socks for a number of reasons for &hell...Read More
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