Carol Alt
12 September
By Carol Alt / Post / September 12, 2016
I have long been talking about the dangers of toothpaste. Today on CBS news, it became a topic of discussion as well. Now my distrust of companies isn’t just limited to food producers or medical doctors, it extends to toothpaste companies too. Why? It’s simple, and it’s just about the same rea...Read More
07 September
HCl: The New MIRACLE Drug?...
By Carol Alt / Post / September 7, 2016
The other day I was talking with my doctor. I told him I wanted to do something to boost my immune system, as I’m always looking for ways to help my body fight infections. I think it’s the most important system in the body. I’m sure you know that I take lots and lots of … Read More
06 September
If It Says Soap on It- Run For Your Life...
By Carol Alt / Post / September 6, 2016
If It Says Soap – Run! How is Sudsy-Wudsy Dangerous? I have been talking about the ineffectual use and even the dangers of antibacterial soap for many years. In fact, in one of my books I gave you a very clean, useful recipe for an antibacterial soap that cost pennies on the dollar. The biggest &h...Read More
29 August
Little Kitty-Kitty...
By Carol Alt / Post / August 29, 2016
As most of you (all, I would hope) know, I adopted two of the sweetest kitty cats ever. I’ve had animals my entire life so it wasn’t a huge deal; I’m used to taking care of of them. As pet owners know, it can be a roller coaster. They’ll make you laugh and cry, they’ll … Read More
10 August
Let Them Eat Chocolate!...
By Carol Alt / Post / August 10, 2016
This fine Wednesday morning I thought I’d do a real fun health blog! I figured why not write about something that’s not only good FOR you, but tastes so good many of us crave it anyway! What’s this miracle food, you ask? It’s chocolate! I eat chocolate every day. It’s part of my protocol a...Read More
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