Carol Alt
27 March
The Perfect Triangle Isn’t So Perf...
By Carol Alt / Post / March 27, 2017
I watch enough ID (Investigation Discovery channel) to truly believe the following words I’m about to tell you. I’m watching a girlfriend go through this right now, her story follows below. There are two big things that we do wrong in relationships, but they both stem from the same probl...Read More
06 March
The Power of the Internet...
By Carol Alt / Post / March 6, 2017
I was sitting having a coffee the other day with a friend of mine and the owner of the coffee shop walked by. We started chatting because he was from Italy, and of course I would use any chance I can get to practice my Italian. During the course of the conversation he looked down … Read More
07 November
The Cause Of Illnesses...
By Carol Alt / Post / November 7, 2016
“The time to learn about how you want to be treated for an illness is not when you get the diagnosis. You should have a plan in place. That way you’re not threatened or frightened into doing something you don’t want to do.” —Carol Alt My radiologist once told me –...Read More
14 September
The Aliens Inside Us...
By Carol Alt / Post / September 14, 2016
Last week I was on the phone with a friend of mine who was very sick for several years. He is in the health industry and was telling me how his health issues really helped him to hone in on some really specific products that could change the face of healthcare. In fact he was … Read More
12 September
By Carol Alt / Post / September 12, 2016
I have long been talking about the dangers of toothpaste. Today on CBS news, it became a topic of discussion as well. Now my distrust of companies isn’t just limited to food producers or medical doctors, it extends to toothpaste companies too. Why? It’s simple, and it’s just about the same rea...Read More
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