Carol Alt
22 November
A Health You Recap (11/22) Too much sitt...
By Jocelyn Steiber / Post / November 22, 2014
Segment 1: Can too much sitting shed years off your life with Dr. Florence Comite   Dr. Comite, an endocrinologist, explained that certain types of sitting postures can actually slow metabolism or cause back problems. “Ok, I admit it,” said Carol. “I love to sit. I sit on a ball at my desk an...Read More
16 November
A Health You Recap (11/16): Nail Salons,...
By Jocelyn Steiber / Post / November 16, 2014
Segment 1: Health Hazards lurking in nail salons with Dr. Karin Hehenberger EVERYONE, at the very least, should look to see that your nail salon doesn’t cut cuticles or use sharp instruments, cleans instruments thoroughly using “autoclave,” (a pressure chamber used to sterilize equipment that ...Read More
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