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Calling Bully on the Chicken Industry

By Carol Alt / Post / May 22, 2017
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You know, I wish I could believe a company like Perdue. What I’m specifically talking about is the growing number of incidences involving abuse and poor conditions at factory farms. I’m talking about you, Purdue, and I wish I could believe you when you make statements.

I saw commercials they ran wherein Frank Perdue stands with a person in a lab coat talking about the benefits of using thyme and oregano instead of antibiotics in their chickens. Are you kidding me? Like hell I’m going to take a dead old-school union boss’s word over documentary crews risking their own safety to show actual conditions.

Imagine chickens so artificially overweight their own legs can’t hold them, chickens being kicked into bins and held painfully by their wings, and stuffed tiny cages in the dark close enough to hear the sounds of their own kin being slaughtered. It’s a pretty hellish image, isn’t it? You don’t have to imagine it. These documentaries are available, and they’re real. I should warn you, they’re uncomfortable at best to watch, but it’s necessary to know what actually goes on before we can enact any meaningful change.

The thought of what a chicken goes through to get to my table makes it hard for me to eat. The commercial shows beautiful, healthy chickens running around in the grass and sunlight eating herbs. It almost seems like that’s what they want the consumer to believe, that that’s how their chickens really live. I’d love to know if the Truth in Advertising people are following up with this.

Why is Tyson silent? Where’s their commercial showing just how their chickens are treated the same as Perdue’s? It’s becoming difficult for me to know what to believe anymore, let me tell you. My humane side would LOVE nothing more than to believe Frank Perdue. Great. Happy chickens make a happy meal, and clearly a megacorp like themselves wouldn’t lie to us. Right?

But what about hormones? What about living conditions? What about chickens supposedly “growing more efficiently in the dark?” I call BS. However, I do understand getting chicken farmers in debt to their mother company. That at least makes sense, however much I object to the actual practice. I mean, what corporation WOULDN’T want ensured servitude and cooperation? It definitely shares elements with Monsanto’s despicable trademarking practices…

So Frank Perdue, as disgusting in death as you were in life, I’d like to respectfully, solemnly call you out on your crap.

Remember those documentaries I mentioned? Here’s a list of them, but be warned- you may not be able to eat after this.

  • (Source: Rachel’s Table)
  • Food, Inc.
  • DIVE
  • What’s on Your Plate?
  • Forks Over Knives
  • Food Fight

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