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Bio Identical Hormones

By admin / Post / August 2, 2017

I work with many doctors when it comes to hormones. But Suzanne Somers turned me onto some of the best doctors in the world.

For me hormones are all about the endocrine system. And the endocrine system is all about your glands.

I was told a long time ago (and right now I’m speaking mostly to the younger women of our generation) that we need to make sure our glands were kept in tiptop shape.

And you did this by eating a good diet. And, of course, by now, you know to me a good diet is 75 to 95% raw. Whatever you can stand… LOL

Anyway, getting back to your glands:

When one gland fails, I am told, another gland steps up to try and take over it’s work.

Of course that leads to the second gland ultimately getting tired from doing twice the work and on and on down the line; Domino effect.

Hence we have so many diseases that I believe have somewhat of their roots in the endocrine system. Such as obesity, menopause, and in some cases cancer.

I believe ultimately is it in our overall healthy best interest to feed the body so that we feed our glands!

But, when it comes to hormones,I know that mostly women around my age want to know if Bio Identical hormones can help them where their diet has failed them. In other words is it too late?

I never believe it’s too late for anything. First of all, in my personal opinion, I would much rather take Bio Identical Hormone then the cocktail of hormones that are out there on the market that are not Bio Identical. I’ve done research on how many different estrogens there are. And crazy enough, there’s so many different estrogens and they do so many different things that even I got confused and had to go to an expert.

And I don’t mean there are different estrogen manufacturers, I mean there are different estrogens made by the body.

For example, I found two specific estrogens that can be anti-carcinogenic and, on the other hand, I found some that can be very carcinogenic.

And sometimes an estrogen being Anti-carcinogenic just depends on how your body uses it.

My body, for example, uses estrogen and progesterone as a lethal weapon. So I’ve had to be very, very careful about what I do!

I didn’t get one opinion, I got many opinions and sometimes they were at odds with each other. But after listening to the research and to the doctors who were telling me what their thoughts were, I based my decision on my gut and on how I felt about the doctor giving the information.

I also didn’t know that there are times that a woman’s body can take progesterone and turn it into estrogen of the lethal kind!

I have also found some women actually need trace amounts of testosterone added to their hormone mix.

So I guess what I’m saying is, to all the ladies out there who keep asking me what I think about Bio Identical Hormones – it’s not so much what I think about the hormones, but what I think about the doctor you’re working with. I started working with a Doctor who does nothing but research on hormones. Somebody like that is not just a Doctor who is sitting in his office excepting research from other people.

When it comes to hormones, we will have to choose our own doctors and we all have to make our own decisions. But ultimately we also I’ll have to do some research on our own.

So I just wanted to give a little bit of information to help your process along, not being a doctor, but to guide you at least in the right direction.

If your doctor does not know about bio identical estrogen’s that are ant-carcinogenic – then come in armed with the research on it. This is all found online.

If your doctor put you on progesterone, but you have had any kind of reproductive cancers, ask him to make sure that you’re not a “progesterone converter.” That you don’t convert progesterone into estrogen.

You really need to go to doctors who go beyond the normal “OK you’re in menopause” or “Ok you had a hysterectomy and you need 2 from Menu A and 3 pills from Menu B. You need a Doctor who works with you and your body.

Anyway, as you can see it’s a long complicated answer that I cannot really fully answer here.

As I said above all I can do is give you some hints and point you in the right direction.

I hope in some small way this helps you.

BTW Suzanne Somers is an expert so Check out her books if you need more information.

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