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Ban Those Bottles!

By Carol Alt / Post / February 28, 2018

Do you ever wonder where the bottled water comes from?

It may surprise you that someone OWNS the source of that water. Now I can understand paying a city to clean, pump and pipe your water into your home. That’s not a luxury– that’s a necessity. To be frank, if cities did a better job of cleaning the water, we would not need bottled water. However, today’s blog isn’t about a health issue that can be treated with water (as many can be, see my November 16 blog for more), it’s about what’s fair.

The other day on the news I saw a story about the San Bernardino Forest which has a beautiful lake, or rather HAD a beautiful lake. The residents all love the lake and would hike up to it regularly. It became a place the public loved. Recently it has come to everyone’s attention that a company is draining water out of the San Bernardino Forest. They are doing that by pipeline built across the forest.

You want bottled water? That’s the kind of place it’s currently coming from. To add insult to injury, this company doesn’t pay the town or the forest in which that water is piped through. They don’t share revenue to help maintain the forest that THEIR pipeline runs through.

They pay nothing.

Nothing? How is that fair? Bottled water is really expensive- ever tried to buy it at a sports arena? Paying $6.00 for a $2.00 bottle seems like highway robbery, and paying $2.00 for something piped straight into your house is even worse!

But is it draining the lake?

No- according to what the company said on their website. They say: “In 2014, we collected 95 million litres (28 million gallons). This represents less than 10% of measured flow by the US Geological Survey monitoring gauge located at the base of two Canyons, Strawberry Canyon where our springs are located, and neighbouring Twin Creek Canyon. In 2015, which had more rainfall than 2014, we collected approximately 36 million gallons.”

They said they only collect water that rises to the surface. Really? Isn’t that the water EVERYBODY wants to enjoy? The case is still pending and people are filing lawsuits to stop this company. Meanwhile, the company is fighting back with the fact that they’ve have a legal right to do this, as it has been done for 121 years.

Reading this information on their website, all I could think was how I don’t think this is what our forefathers had in mind. I’m sure they’re pulling out more water today than they did the entire past 121 years put together! Seriously! THAT was their answer…

You know I’m a big advocate for filters on your home tap water system. It saves huge costs over bottled water, saves you the need to purchase, and you only pay a simple fee to have it delivered. You don’t fill dumps with waste, either!

With water filters, I can make custom water. I can ionize it, alkaline it, put hydrogen into it, and I can make it a super power in combating my health needs.

So the next time you grab that ArrowHead, or that Evian, H Water, pH Water, Deer Spring, Poland Spring, Dasani, Artesian, Voss, Pure Life purified, Fiji, or Pelegríno water, perhaps you should think about the damage it is doing to local areas, and the enormous impact that both bottling water, and disposing of bottle waste, causes the planet.

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