Carol Alt
10 July
Is the Veggie Side Dish a Star?...
By Carol Alt / Post / July 10, 2017
I know I keep referencing back to when I first wrote Eating in the Raw, but the change has come so slowly in our diets and in our understanding of nutrition that we almost don’t know it’s happened. In 2004 doctors used to argue with me that nutrition played no role in health. It dumbfoun...Read More
05 July
Why Are Watery Foods Necessary?...
By Carol Alt / Post / July 5, 2017
I know that in the heat of summer we are inclined to drink a little bit more. This would be a good thing, right? Well the problem lies in that while yes, you’re drinking more liquids, it might not necessarily be water! It might be iced coffee, iced tea, pop, or even alcohol. None of … <...Read More
03 July
Whiter Teeth...
By Carol Alt / Post / July 3, 2017
So, so many people have asked me how to whiten their teeth. There is so much on the internet about so many different ways to whiten teeth that I thought we could give a quick nod to the topic. While talking the other day, my sister had said she’d read on the internet about strawberries &hellip...Read More
29 June
Raw, Cooked, and Working Out...
By Carol Alt / Post / June 29, 2017
“I was working out in the gym one morning at the Bellaggio when I was in Vegas…” Doesn’t this sound like the opening to a joke? But seriously, I could not believe how many people were in the gym working out at 7 AM in the morning in Vegas. I was there in that gym … Read More
27 June
Symptom or Root Problem – It’...
By Carol Alt / Post / June 27, 2017
I know I’ve done a few blogs about how people who market foods can mislead you into thinking that bad food is good for you by clever label design – even if that promise is not fulfilled by what’s actually in the package. Unfortunately, it is not just food they can mislead you with-...Read More
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