Carol Alt
26 July
The Importance of Specific Probiotics...
By Carol Alt / Post / July 26, 2017
So you’re worried about industrial plastics in your water and your food. That’s good, you SHOULD worry about it! It’s kind of everywhere. You’re probably also wondering if there’s anything you can do to help minimize the impact of industrial plastics on your body and on...Read More
24 July
Food Is More Powerful Than You Think...
By Carol Alt / Post / July 24, 2017
I get asked a lot about the downsides of being a model. As I’m sure you know, we kind of have to live up to very high expectations. Being skinny was very hard for food lover like me! But for me, the biggest issue is that we were constantly pigeonholed. If you were a model, … Read More
19 July
Hey Doc, What’s the Big Idea?...
By Carol Alt / Post / July 19, 2017
I’ve long been involved in the healthcare and health systems. In my time seeing doctor after doctor, specialist after specialist, I’ve realized that no two of them have ever been the same. They all differ in diagnoses, and they would all treat a particular illness in a slightly different way. Th...Read More
17 July
Easy Raw Snacks and Lunches...
By Carol Alt / Post / July 17, 2017
When I think back to when I first wrote my book, Eating in the Raw, I remember people used to ask me what I ate. For some reason they always came up with carrots, saying things like “What do you eat? Carrots?” I don’t know why that always shocked me, but it always did. Why …...Read More
12 July
The Case Against Coffee- Again!...
By Carol Alt / Post / July 12, 2017
Whenever I see a new case study that says a formerly unhealthy product is completely healthy, I look to see who is funding the study. If the person financing the study has an interest in the outcome of the product looking good, I know immediately the study is biased. That’s my #1 criteria when...Read More
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