Carol Alt
17 May
RAW-ck Away the Pounds!...
By admin / Post / May 17, 2017
If it’s not sugar, it’s salt. If it’s not salt, it’s fat. If it’s not fat, it’s sugar. And if it’s not sugar… Well, you get the idea. I need to warn you all. Labeling laws in this country are ridiculous. They’re inaccurate, and oftentimes blatant...Read More
15 February
Guest Post- The Treehouse...
By admin / Post / February 15, 2017
I’ve decided that today is a very, very tiring day. Keeping blogs like this going takes it out of you. So I’ve asked my editor Jake to put together a post, and he’s chosen to present a short story for this week. I hope you all enjoy! I’ll be back to regularly scheduled posts ...Read More
01 February
You’re Allowed to Laugh...
By admin / Post / February 1, 2017
I know that I write very serious blogs, because your health is seriously important to me! I also know the power of laughter, so that’s what I aim to do- make you laugh! This’ll inevitably piss some people off too, but that’s okay. Whatever you feel, all I ask is that you just let i...Read More
28 December
Prevention Recap...
By admin / Post / December 28, 2016
I know I’ve given you a lot of information in these last couple of weeks. Some advice is for prevention and some is for help when you’re actually having an issue. So let me quickly break it all down for you and lay it out. Today’s blog will recap the prevention steps you can take. ...Read More
19 December
The Future is Here- Right Now!...
By admin / Post / December 19, 2016
In my search for anything I could do in place of chemotherapy, I heard a doctor speak about Bio Research Labs and the possibility that “tumors support the growth of tumor-specific bacteria” – really? This is the first time I had come across this idea, and not that I’m the definit...Read More
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