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By Carol Alt / Post / May 31, 2017
Sammy loves his dehydrated raw food! He eats it right out of the machine!

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about animals and health. I totally understand how bringing a cat or dog into a convalescent home or an old folks home can really raise the spirits of the people who are living there. But there are also other ways that animals– not just dogs or cats- can raise your spirits.

Suppose you get a diagnosis with a poor outcome. The first thing that happens is a deep depression. You want to crawl up into a ball and disappear into bed, you don’t want to talk to anyone. The will to live leaves you. One of the most important things my doctor says to people who have had diagnoses like this is to not give up the faith. |You need to LAUGH and smile because it’s good medicine. Food is good medicine, laughter is good medicine, and in order to help facilitate that laughter, an animal can be very useful.

I have two cats as you know, Sammy and Joey. Those two little rescues have lit up my life. I don’t know how I survived 16 years without them. I’ve always had animals. Granted, it was easy to have animals when I was married and had a full house with a full staff. But I want life to be more simple these days. Two little kitties that make me laugh, and not much staff sounds perfect. Life doesn’t have to be so difficult.

On days I feel low on energy, I just sit down and watch them play. A quick snuggle with one of these furry little freaks just picks my spirits right up. Crazily enough, I even have an allergy to them, but I don’t care. They make me laugh, and laughter, as I said, is the best medicine. So if you are feeling down in the dumps, feeling like you can’t get out of bed, then maybe it’s time to get an animal that you have to focus on. Take the focus off yourself. Shelter Chic is where I got my Joey. They take animals that are in more dire straits than you or any of us are- many of these little guys were hurt, abused, and mistreated. They’re in need of that love, care, and attention that just helps to lift your spirits! You do something good for them– and they do something good for you.

Funny how the world works!

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