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Acid Reflux and Aging

By Carol Alt / Post / July 6, 2016

Sometimes I find myself running my mouth at people, eagerly going on and on about topics that I think are interesting. Sometimes, my factoids and anecdotes fall on deaf ears, and they sometimes fall on ears that are all TOO willing to hear.

Let me explain. I have a girlfriend whom I’ve modeled with since I was a kid. She was a big model back in the day, and we were “well-known” at around the same points. She, being French, ate all sorts of rich French foods and grew up with that sort of mentality. Food, in the classic French cuisine, is an experience. It’s emotional, full of flavor and culture and color and countless generations of innovation and tradition. Now it had been many, many years since I’d seen her. I was jet setting, doing movies and books over the world, and she had raised several incredibly accomplished children. We reached out and reconnected after seeing each other at an event. At that point I believe it had been a funeral. We had dinner; the questions turned to health. She wanted to know how I had been so successful keeping weight off, and how I was eating so much food.

And then she asked if I had gotten a facelift done.

Wait, what? Back up. I mean, I saw her eating a salad and looking a little glum, but I didn’t know it was THAT bad! She wasn’t eating her fabulous French food any longer, and she said it gave her indigestion. So I told her no, no I haven’t had a facelift. I don’t take any over-the-counter products for headaches, indigestion, constipation, or anything like that. I get to eat as much as I feel like because I eat certain foods, prepared in a certain way.

Her indigestion was bad to the point of becoming acid reflux. She didn’t know the term, but when she described her throat and chest area I knew exactly what it was. She said she had tried everything. Maalox, Prevacid, Tums, everything. I explained that she’d been taking antacids. Antacids, meaning “against acid,” are basic products that neutralize strong stomach acids. The problem is, the stomach is supposed to be acid! The acid is what digests the food and keeps it moving through the body.

I went on to say the reason she was having trouble digesting may be because as we age, the hydrochloric acid produced by our stomach becomes weaker and weaker from using up our mineral and vitamin reserves. Since everything in our bodies is made of these substances, and we replenish our reserves of them through eating raw food, people with a more cooked diet suffer a lack of them. It’s also why some people believe we age. Her eyes went wide when I mentioned aging. She’d never connected the two things before.

So I explained further. If you’re eating food with very little of the stuff you need in it, and the stuff you need slows aging, produces stomach acid, and maintains health, how can you not draw the conclusion that aging and bad digestion share the same cause? She asked what she could do to help. If I had a nickel for every time I’d been asked that, I would be a very wealthy woman. In that moment, I had to decide whether explaining it all again would be a waste of time. Not to sound like a jerk, but it often can be. But my job on this earth is to give information to people and let them decide whether or not to actually apply it.

So there we went. I launched valiantly into my spiel about why the least-prepared foods are the best, and what raw food has that cooked food just doesn’t. And yes, I’ve written many, many blogs about this exact thing and even more books, but yet again I gave in and poured out my wealth of knowledge about the subject onto her. I’m pretty sure that like 90% of the people I’ve talked to about this, she wouldn’t use the information, because I give it away for free.

I swear it’s the weirdest thing. People have such an odd suspicion toward free advice. Because it doesn’t have a price, it’s automatically worthless to some people. Any yet, it’s just about the most vital information anyone could have to lead themselves to a better, healthier life. I showed her kinesiology, and she was amazed what could be done. Now that I think about it, that could be an excellent blog post in the future! Your body is amazing, watch what we can do to show you whether a salt is good or bad for you, whether or not a pill is good, or if a food will heal or hurt you, just by your body’s reaction to it right at the moment you test it!

Anyway, we’ve since lost touch again, which tends to happen when your lives are full of kids and books and deals and all that good stuff. Recently she sent me a link and asked me to view some tape, then give her editing advice. Almost as if an afterthought, she mentioned the miraculous changes my advice had applied to her health and her life. She wrote that I’d helped with her acid reflux. She hadn’t used an antacid since she started eating raw, and she says she loves the world of new amazing food that I’d opened her eyes to! And yes, she looked younger, more refreshed, and more relaxed.

SOMEONE took my advice! Yay! Only around seven billion more people on this planet to go!

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