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A Nutcracker Christmas Eve

By Carol Alt / Post / November 14, 2014

I cannot imagine a more wonderful and traditional Christmas Eve than to see the Nutcracker Suite Performed.

But little did I know that the circumstances under which I would see this wonderful Ballet would be anything but traditional!

This year I was looking forward to a lonely Christmas. I was in Russia and my Family was far away in New York.

I thought a SKYPE call would be the best that I could do to have some Christmas contact.

My father died on Christmas morning- years ago, of course- but Christmas has always been especially poignant for my family.

So the fact that I have spent the last few years in Russia on Christmas Day, supporting my Boyfriend’s career, has been hard on my family. It has also been hard on me, as Russia does not really celebrate Christmas on December 25th. For that matter, it does not really celebrate The Roman Catholic Christmas as it really celebrates New Year’s Eve as the big Holiday.

SO you can imagine my surprise when my boyfriend came home announcing that we were going to see the Nutcracker on December 24th!

Not only that, but we were to see it in the newly renovated Bolshoi Theater!

have driven by this theater the last few times that I had been in Moscow and it was closed! I understood that it was undergoing extensive and much needed renovations. Naturally I thought that I would never have an opportunity to be in this theater or to see it for myself. I never imagined I would be in Moscow at the time that it opened but much less to see the Nutcracker on Christmas Eve!

I have never seen the Nutcracker Suite. So on Christmas Eve I was preparing for two firsts in my life: to see the Bolshoi Theater and to see the Nutcracker performed there.

Little did I know that My Boyfriend had another surprise planned for me- a tour of the theater which included actually standing on the Bolshoi Stage…..

But I get ahead of myself.

What had happened was that Alexei had a friend named Katya who worked PR at the theater. He called her to help OK a documentary being shot about him and his career in Hockey for Russian Television. Of course I was included in this documentary so Katya invited us to come over a little earlier than necessary to have a little tour of the theater.


My Night at the Bolsoi Theater was amazing and I hope you enjoyed your tour. I am so happy that I was able to share this experience with all of you in some small way. Drop me an email and let me know if you enjoyed this tour!

Until then- stay healthy!


PS: I did have a picture of me in my box. But it was too hard to see me……..sorry!

Carol Alt

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