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A New Type of Healthy Fasting?

By Carol Alt / Post / March 14, 2018

I have always fasted as part of my health regime. When I was younger, I fasted four times a year for seven days at a time. Now this might seem like a lot, but in reality, I was drinking green juices, feeding my body. I was also drinking psyllium to clean out my body as well. The best part about psyllium is that it kind of fills your stomach because it absorbs liquid like a sponge. I wasn’t doing watermelon juice or lemon juice and starving my body, as that would be too stressful. Fasting is supposed to make the body less stressed. Many times my fasts would detox me, but not make me lose weight.

I know a lot of people fast as a way to lose weight quickly. But seriously, that is called yo-yo dieting. Because while you may lose a couple pounds depending on how many days you fast, it’s miserable, and when you break your fast you tend to gain that weight right back. Nowadays, I do anyone of three cleanses every month. In other words, once a month I do one of three: cleanses:

  • Colon cleanse
  • pH cleanse
  • Liver cleanse
  • Today I’m going to focus on the pH cleanse because it kind of ties into a new type of fasting that I’ve just discovered. A pH cleanse is a cleanse where you try to de-stress the body, and change its pH. You become more alkaline, more relaxed, less reactive, less stressed. I don’t ever recommend people to fast if they have not been eating a good diet for at least a month or two and who have not been building their body with good food and supplements. I also always recommend to work with the doctor because for some symptoms of a cleanse, you might need to speak to somebody about what’s happening, so that you can get answers that pertain directly to you.

    My pH cleanse is two days of drinking a mixture of 12 oranges, six grapefruit, three lemons and did enough water to fill a 1 gallon jug. This is enough for one day. Drink a glass every hour so your blood sugar level doesn’t drop. You drink a gallon for each day of the two-day fast.

    But that’s once every three months.

    But intermittent fasting, which I do every day, is supposed to be the bomb! I’ve been doing it for about five months now. I have to say it is sometimes rather difficult, especially with a busy social life, trying to refrain from eating every day for 13 to 14 hours. But the benefit is that of people who intermittently fast have there has been a 40% less chance of having some types of cancer.

    In my book, I’m thinking that cancer kind of really changes your life. It upsets everything, it turns things upside down. It rearranges your priorities and it makes you fairly– actually horribly- miserable. The trade off is if I can reduce my chance of cancer or certain cancers by 40%, I think it’s worth the little bit of inconvenience each day of trying to eat my meals around my fasting. These days I am trying to finish eating by 6 PM. As a model/actress/author/TV host… woman, person (LOL), it’s kind a hard to do this. But, I make it work. If I know I have to be out (which is usually three or four times a week) I asked people to meet on the early side and then I push my meals the next day to make sure that it’s 13 hours at least of fasting. Believe me, a little bit of altering your social experience for the joy of health is 100% worth it. I know sometimes I complain about it, but in the end, it’s 100% worth it. Really!

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