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A HEALTHY YOU RECAP (2/1): Earth Friendly Products, Reflexology and Brain based disorders

By Jocelyn Steiber / Post / February 4, 2015

Segment #1: Earth Friendly Products with Kelly Vlahakis Hanks

Carol spoke with Kelly Vlahakis, CEO of Earth Friendly Products, about natural cleaning products.

Did you know? The EPA estimates that indoor air pollution is higher than outdoor pollution because of toxic cleaning products people bring into their homes. This is something you can control! Many allergies are even caused by toxins in your household.

Create a healthy indoor environment. Carol mentioned, that people think “healthy cleaning products don’t clean as well as the chemicals out there.” Kelly explained that it was important for Earth Friend Products to create products that are not only good for you but also that works well.

Carol also said she feels, like with raw food, many people think green cleaning products are too expensive. ECOS products are actually created locally in New Jersey and made with natural ingredients which puts them at an affordable price point.

All products are made from natural ingredients. The active cleaning agent in ECOS laundry detergent is coconut! They also use the sugar from beets for some of their cleaning agents. In addition to theses food they use essential oils like tea tree, orange and lavender.

Watch the segment here

Segment #2: Healing power of Reflexology with Kevin and Barbara Kunz

Did you know reflexology has been around since the time of the Egyptians?

Carol invited Barbara and Kevin Kunz to discuss the healing power of reflexology.

Reflexology is a non- intrusive complementary health therapy based on the theory that different points of the feet, lower legs, hands, face or eats correspond with different areas of the body.

Reflexology is similar to acupressure on your feet.

  • Toes: Head, neck, sinuses
  • Ball of Foot: Chest, lungs and upper back
  • Arch: Internal organs
  • Heel: Lower parts of digestive system and lower back

Stress Cues, like calluses, help show where stress is occurring. Have calluses on your heel? This could show problems with lower back pain. Side of your big toe? That could show pain with the base of your skull. Reflexology has also been known to help stroke victims regain feeling in their limbs. Also, feeling stressed? Your feel help set the tension level of your body.

For more information, check out their book: Complete Reflexology for Life

Watch the segment here

And Check out their Guest Post here

Segment #3:  Helping those with Brain based disorders with Lisa Davis

It can be challenging to understand why your ADHD child does the things he does, or to explain ADHD to others when he isn’t listening or is melting down in public. Lisa Davis joins Carol to discuss her book Easy to Love, But Hard to Live With: Real people. Invisible Disabilities, True Stories and helps us understand what people with invisible disabilities are struggling with every day.

Lisa found inspirational stories and collected them in her book.  It’s a must read!

Lisa’s natural Anxiety Tips:

  • Valarien Root
  • Lemon Blam
  • Hops
  • L-Thenine
  • Mediation and Yoga


Watch the segment here

Segment 4:  Ask Carol

Sam: “I feel constant inflammation in my body- achiness for no specific. Reason but I don’t want to take aspirin as I hear it’s not good for the liver. Any suggestions?”

Carol: That’s very smart! In fact, aspirin and other anti-inflammatories are not exactly great for the liver. Taken occasionally they are okay, but every day—not so much!

Instead, I suggest Turmeric. Turmeric is a great natural anti-inflammatory.

I suggest to use as a seasoning, in capsules or there are even great turmeric drinks on the market now!









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