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A HEALTHY YOU RECAP (2/1): Addiction with Janine Turner, Radiation with Camilla Rees, and the sea cucumber with Ty Bollinger

By Jocelyn Steiber / Post / February 2, 2015

Segment #1:  Battling addiction and aging gracefully in Hollywood with Janine Turner

Actress and author of the book, A Little bit Vulnerable, Janine Turner has been sober for 28 years.

“I’ve known you for so long,” said Carol, “and I never would have guessed you’ve been battling this!”

Janine explained that addiction runs in her family; in fact, she came across a letter that her great-great grandfather wrote to his sons back in the 1800s warning them to beware of “John Barleycorn” (whiskey).

She walked into an AA Meeting and learned two things: coping skills and God.  “I’ve always believed in God, but He is still the cure for alcoholism.”

As for coping skills, there is HALT, an acronym for “Never get too Hungry, Angry, Lonely or Tired.”

Carol took note of the “never get too hungry” because, as she said, the liver kind of sees everything as the same, whether it’s gluten or sugar.  “I actually got drunk once from eating too much candy during the day. So how did you handle the sugar addiction?”

Interestingly, Janine noted, she had some tests done, and found that she was allergic to gluten, almonds, dairy, eggs—and brewer’s yeast, which is what beer is made from!

In her book, Janine said she doesn’t intend to do any cosmetic treatments or surgery.  “For me, Botox is a big NO—just the thought of putting botulism on my face!  And I just don’t want to go under the knife.”

Watch the segment here!

For more information on Janine Turner visit her website

Segment #2: How to spot potential radiation hiding in your home with Camilla Rees

 Carol invited Camilla into her home to detect EMFs. Camilla explained that EMFs come in a spectrum of frequencies—some with higher frequencies and others with slower waves.  You can’t escape them—they are emitted from your electricity, computers, cell phones, radios, televisions, WIFI—everything electrical or electronic that we rely on.

Camilla used two detectors:  Acousticom 2, which detects radio frequency and microwave levels and warns of high exposures with an alarm and flashing lights and an 8 Gigahertz Electrosmog Meter, which gives actual measurements.

Camilla measured various items from Carol’s office. When it came time to test the cell phones, she tested both Carol’s, which has three protective shields, as well as another, which has none. Carol’s exposure was always higher, especially when there was an incoming call. “Protective shields never claim to be able to get rid of the frequencies, but, rather, some claim to be able to build up your resistance to them.  As for any phone difference, Camilla noted that each phone is different in estimated radiation absorption, power, network used, and some have better speakerphones than others, making it possible to routinely keep the phone away from ones ear.

Carol also uses a grounding mat underneath her desk; again, Camilla said the research indicates grounding can support many systems in the body, like the immune and neurological systems, and while grounding works to discharge electric fields, not microwaves, there is anecdotal evidence that unburdening the body of electric fields can help build up other frequencies.

How do you protect yourself?

First, think of your bedroom as a sanctuary, said Camilla.  That means no cell phones, computers, televisions—any electrical equipment.  “That also includes portable phones,” said Camilla, “because they emit as much radiation as the cell phones and are transmitting continually 24/7 whether or not you are using it.”

Second, get rid of WIFI altogether and replace it with an Ethernet cable. “Just because the router is in another room doesn’t mean you’re free from it, because the radiation can travel.  Rather, protect yourself with a hard-wired Ethernet Connection and disable the wireless capability on the router.  If you know one of your neighbors uses WIFI router that is located near your wall, you can always buy a sheet of metal and reflect it back to them.”

Otherwise, she said shielding paints or fabrics are an option.

Third, buy protective curtains.

Watch the video here!

For more information, please visit www.

Segment #3:  Exploring the health benefits of sea cucumber with Ty Bollinger

No, it’s not a vegetable but, rather a fish.

And it might help save your life.

Ty Bollinger is the author of Cancer: Think Outside the Box and he explained that sea cucumber has been used in China for thousands of years.  The cucumber-shaped fish has anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties and is effective in treating ailments such as gingivitis and even some cancers.  “The sea cucumber moderates the immune system,” said Ty, “so if you have an autoimmune disease, it can bring your immune system up to functioning levels.  Alternatively, if you’re taking chemo—and we know that chemo kills not only the cancer cells, but also parts of the immune system—it can bring that system up to optimal levels.

It also has a very high level of chondroitin, so it’s especially effective at treating joint pain.

The Sea Cucumber has been the focus of many studies here in the US, from some big names—for instance, the National Institutes of Health.

The Chinese cook it up for consumption, but here it’s usually ground and put in capsules; you can get in health food stores.

Segment 4:  Ask Carol


After CAMILLA left,   Carol decided to test a grounding barefoot mat for herself and found that every time I measured when I was on the mat, the exposure was lower than when I was off.

For more information on the grounding mat, click here!

It worked! –she sleeps on one too ; )


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