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A Health You Recap (11/22) Too much sitting, bottled water and popular diet trends

By Jocelyn Steiber / Post / November 22, 2014

Segment 1: Can too much sitting shed years off your life with Dr. Florence Comite


Dr. Comite, an endocrinologist, explained that certain types of sitting postures can actually slow metabolism or cause back problems.

“Ok, I admit it,” said Carol. “I love to sit. I sit on a ball at my desk and I sit while watching television, if I can.”

Sitting on a ball, Dr. Comite explained, is actually good, because when you sit on a ball, you’re always moving. “Even fidgeting is healthier,” she said.

A recent study, she said, shows that six hours of sitting detracts from one hour of exercise, explaining that telomeres—the little markers that define how long we’re all going to live—are shortened when we sit. The shorter the telomere, the faster we age!

The good news, she said, is that we can reverse it.

So get up and move! You should get up every 15-20 minutes, Dr. Comite said, adding that one should incorporate activity all the time—such as taking stairs, walking as much as possible, etc.

At that point, she brought in Phil, an exercise physiologist, to show some simple exercises, taken mostly from yoga and Qigong. (Pronounced “Chee Kung,” this is an exercise system to cultivate energy.)

  • Locust Pose. Lie on your stomach, bend your knees, pull your shoulders down and open your chest. This pose also eliminates slumping.
  • Wide Legged Forward Bend. This one, Dr.Comite said, slows the heart rate down, making one feel less anxious and stressed. Although Phil kept his legs straight, it can be done with a bent knee. “In fact, we recommend that people new to this begin with a bent knee to avoid hyperextension.”
  • Power Pose. As Carol said, Wonder Woman was far ahead of her time! Stand with hand on chest and open. This one increases testosterone.
  • Flex Guns. Keep your elbows bent and perpendicular to the floor. This post protects you and keeps negative energy away. As Carol pointed out, if you do it correctly, you can also feel the stretch in your back.
  • Universal Qigong Pose. This provides universal energy, restores balance and increases your happiness.

Many of these poses, said Carol, can be done by just sitting at your desk.

Want to learn the poses? Watch the video here

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Segment 2: Is bottled water really better for you with Heather White

Heather, executive director of the Environmental Working Group (EWG) explained that EWG recommends filtered tap water, as opposed to bottled, for 3 reasons:

  1. Undisclosed and/or vague, sources: This means that many labels say “bottled at the source,” but they don’t tell you want that source is, so you have no idea where it comes from or how it has been treated.
  2. Plastic Bottles: Plastic is a chemical process! They not only leech into the water but they also harm the environment by going into our waters and soils—and we, again, ultimately absorb them. For instance, plastic bottles, when thrown into the ocean, pollute that water. The fish absorb the toxins. We eat the fish.
  3. Cost: Bottled water costs about a thousand times more than tap!

She said to remember that just because something is legally safe doesn’t mean it’s actually safe.

The type of filtering you need depends on the water in your area. EWG provides a guide that helps you determine what you need at a cost you can afford.

Carol asked if EWG recommends any particular bottled water. “No, we don’t make specific recommendations, but we do tell people to read the labels carefully—does it disclose a specific source and tell how it’s been treated? Is there a website where you can check the information out?

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Segment 3: America’s “angriest trainer’ busts popular dietary trends with Vinnie Tortorich

Celebrity trainer and author of the book, Fitness Confidential, explained that, while he isn’t really an angry person, he does get fired up by the amount of mixed messages and just plain wrong information that keep people heavy and sick.

“People want to do the right thing, but their good intentions have been stolen,” he said. “People are getting heavier and heavier. We even have metabolic syndrome which encompasses so many things. We’re going to break (financially) from the weight of our weight,” he said. “Yes, people have to be responsible, but how can they be responsible when the information is really misinformation?”

Some of the diet myths are:

  1. Sports Drinks are especially trendy right now. The claim is that they replenish electrolytes but “they are pure sugar—and it’s even worse than that, because the “sugar” is really high fructose corn syrup, which is cheaper.”

He added that we often see well-known athletes being spokespeople so many think “well if they drink it, it must be good.” What we’ve found out—and what Vinnie says in his book—is that many will hold the bottle, but it’s really filled with water.

  1. Quinoa—“You’d think this would be at the other end of the table,” he said, “but it eventually turns to carbohydrates.”
  2. Yogurt. Yogurt is great, he said, but not the fat-free kind—take the fat out and it’s nothing but lactose.

Now for some foods that people think are bad, but are actually good.

  1. Red meat.       For years, we’ve been told to eat chicken, fish or pork (“the other white meat”) but studies, magazine articles and now doctors are admitting that saturated fat isn’t going to kill you. Meat has things in it that we need every day.
  2. Butter. Butter is really a saturated fat—and, at this point, Vinnie explained that it is the things we do to it, the processing and cooking, that change it and make it unhealthy.

Carol talked about the importance of fats, especially cold-pressed oils. “They contain essential fatty acids and essential amino acids, “she said, noting that these are what build bodies. “Carbohydrates build nothing!”

  1. Eggs. For years, people only ate egg whites. But anything worthwhile in the egg is in the yoke!

Watch the video here!

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Segment 4: Ask Carol

Question: Today’s question comes from Lani who asks for clarification about all the confusing information about sugar and artificial sweeteners. It seems different information comes out at least once a year, she said, telling us what’s safe, what to avoid and what’s better. Are artificial sweeteners really bad? Is raw sugar better than processed? My mother and sister are diabetic so sugar is out of the question.

Answer: It’s a confusing question—and you actually asked 3 questions. First, I find artificial sweeteners not so great because they are just that—artificial, and I don’t want that in my body. Raw, unprocessed sugar is better, because it’s evaporated and not cooked—but I’m not talking about that bag that shouts “raw sugar”—I’m talking about real raw sugar like date or coconut Yes, sugar is an issue for diabetics. Your mom and sister should ask her doctor about unprocessed agave, raw stevia, yucca or xylitol. They might be better choices.

Jocelyn Steiber

Jocelyn Steiber is the Founder and CEO of Jost Media-, which specializes in helping businesses with social media outreach and other online needs. Her clients range from major brands such as National Geographic Channel and Laurent-Perrier Champagne to smaller boutique companies such as Stick Figure Productions, Carlos Slim's Ora.TV and Lucid Absinthe to individuals such as supermodel turned health expert Carol Alt and renowned holistic dentist, Reid Winick. Prior to starting JOST, Jocelyn produced short videos in the food, relationship and health and wellness spaces, for such outlets as AOL, Yahoo and Hulu.

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