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A Fabulous Women’s Clothing Designer: Zang Toi

By Carol Alt / Post / February 15, 2016

Sometimes you meet someone who is just so much fun; this is Zang. Zang Toi is a fabulous women’s clothing designer. I met him, kind of accidentally, at a party in a restaurant called Omar’s in New York. Now, I don’t particularly like Omar’s, it’s too dark, too tight, and the service is not so great. In fact, one time I never even got my dinner. Thank goodness that not only did Wolfgang Puck offer me his dinner, it was raw as well!

I digress… Zang and I met because we both sat at the end of the table near the exit. I guess we both had the same idea to escape as quickly as possible. After paying respects to the hostess, and staying for the cocktail party and appetizers, we both looked at each other and made a quiet exit. But, for the short time that we were sitting together, we started to talk about women’s fashion.

I did not know he was a fashion designer until half way through our conversation. I guess the fact that he was wit wearing a kilt should’ve told me he was a creative personality. Anyway, when he showed me his designs, I thought,  “Unbelievable!” There was a designer this good that I didn’t know about him! And I call myself a fashion model! Shame on me! LOL!

I’ve been dressed by a lot of people, and they are very serious. I can’t fault them for that, but at this age? I like to be appreciated. That is Zang in a nut shell. Zang is so appreciative of people. Not just me, he made me feel like a queen BTW, but he did that with everybody who worked with him.

I just went to see him, because he was dressing me for amfAR. My red carpet dress was the showstopper. Everybody asked me who designed it, and I don’t just mean during the red carpet photos.  A woman at the dinner asked, and every man I passed by too! Then, he invited me to his show during New York Fashion Week.

The show was spectacular! His designs are so feminine, so sleek, so elegant. They are reminiscent of 1950s glamour. The kind of glamour that you only see in the movies. I loved the show, and I was fascinated by the atmosphere before the show began. Every woman, whether editor, model or celebrity, was so excited to see the show that the anticipation was palatable. Of course, during the show, the appreciation was obvious and we all flocked backstage after it was finished.
On Tuesday I go to his atelier for a “trunk show with food”. I understand that Zang is actually cooking some of his home town delicacies:  Malaysian food. I can’t wait for that, but in the meantime, I wanted to share some photos from the event and a video as well.

Hope you enjoy my little bit of Zang!


On the red carpet, photo taken by Getty Images.


Photo from inside the Gala for Paris Vogue.


Fashion News Live founder Rocco Gaglioti and I attend the Zang Toi fashion show during Fall 2016 New York Fashion Week: The Shows at Pier 59 Studios.  The Red Coat was a Showstopper!

Videos of the amfAR and the Zang Toi Fashion Show


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